Monday, February 24, 2014

New surgery Date and Insurance Approval!

I work at a school and have a day off the week before my surgery.  My surgery was scheduled for a Monday.  I called the scheduled and politely asked if it was an option to have the surgery the week before at some point.  That way I would have to use less sick time.  To my surprise, she said that since my insurance has now approved the surgery I can have the surgery a week earlier.  My new surgery date is March 17th!!!  Wow, I was just hoping for a few days but hey, lets do this!  Three weeks from today I will hopefully be out of surgery and on the road to recovery. 

Lets talk about insurance for a second.  I am like astonished that my surgeons office sent the paperwork on a Friday and that I have an approval on Monday.  Amazing.  Having said that, I am sure it was helpful knowing that there was a checklist of stuff that the insurance company wanted and a checklist of stuff that my surgeon wanted before they would even send for approval.  But still, I thought 10-30 days.  Not 24 hours!

I had about two days of panic after I was given the date.  But now I am back to being ready to get this over with and work on my new lifestyle.  I have high hopes and I sure do hope that I succeed the way I want to.


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How are things going????