Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 4 ~ Not too hungry (Jennifer)

Well I am so happy to report that today was a pretty easy day for me! Like Trish said it seemed pretty natural to me today. I totally look forward to the shakes and I never thought I would be a shake lover. But they are sooooo good. We had company last night and I knew we would probably want to snack. So I asked them if they wanted to have a Milkshake Party(terminology compliments of my three year old). So out came the ice cream, milk, flavoring and the 4 cups that come with the bullet(did I mention that I love my Magic bullet?). I made them each a shake and wasnt even jealous that I wasnt having ice cream. I then made my orange creme shake with ice and water and it was thick and very satisfying.
Nana was brave enough to take the girls this weekend I was able to sleep in this morning. I had forgotten there even was such a thing! Anyway, I got up around 9:00 and by then I am usually about to have my mid morning snack. But I had my first meal and then ate every 2 hours after so I could fit my 6 meals in. And I was not hungry today at all. Dont get me wrong...I was still drooling with excitement as I unwrapped the mint bar since that is my favorite. And its a good thing I wasnt hungry... After talking to Trish about her pork chops she had last night I thought I would give it a whirl. Well...they came out awful. I dont eat pork too much and now I remember why. I dont really like it! It was tough and I would much prefer the taste of chicken or a yummy burger( I should have taken stock in McDonalds and Burger King before I started this...). Lesson learned... And to make things worse, I also decided I would have some asparagus. I also now remember that I dont like that either :( It has such a funky taste to me regardless of the spray butter and Mrs Dash. Again...dont misunderstand...I still ate all 5 ounces of pork and my asparagus and although my stomach was satisfied the taste buds were having a tantrum in there. But thats okay...tomorrow is another day and I am still excited!
Teresa- Welcome! I am so glad you are posting on here. Support is just what we all need! WW is a great program and I know you can do it. It has so much more freedom but apparently I cannot handle the freedom. I realized almost immediately after starting Medifast that when I was following WW I was snacking and not counting points...all the time! I was finishing the foods the kids left behind, the crust off the bread, tasting the soup to check the temp and flavor...the list goes on and on. I hadnt realized that I was eating that much extra and "it doesnt count" because its "just a bite". So pay close attention to those things that "dont count".
Trish- hope you are enjoying your bullet and thanks for the 127 "chats" we had this weekend. I love you and I am so proud of you!!! Your new found motivation inspires me daily. When we talk I hear this confidence in your voice that I dont think I have ever heard. Make sure you take the time to stop and realize this for yourself!
Until tomorrow...

Week 1 down!- (Teresa)

Today was the easiest day so far!!! I found some really great eggrolls at Price Chopper and they are only 1 point each!!!! Very excited about that! I find that each day I think about food a bit less and that makes it sooooo much easier. Jen and Tricia~ I am really proud of you both...just think how great you will look in your thong bikini this summer!!!

Blah - Day 3 (Tricia)

Today I am in a blah mood. It was quite the lazy Sunday and this evening I am not in a very positive or negative mood. Just blah. I am happy that I made it through day three and I can say that I was not nearly as hungry as yesterday. I am still sticking to the diet and the food is tasting a little more natural to me. I have decided to stick more with the shakes, pudding, oatmeal, bars, and brownies then the actual food and I plan to make my next order next week.
Nate was a great husband and went to Target to get me the magic bullet as I could not stand another night of lumpy pudding. I am pretty excited to try that tonight. I found a recipe on line for “Wendy’s like ice-cream” by putting in a little FF cream cheese in the mix, which is allowed. Also, I put in a little sugar free hazelnut syrup recommended by Jennifer…mmm…
On the upside today, Nate’s father came for a visit and asked me if I had lost some weight. Could it be true? Am I actually losing weight? Only four more days until weigh-in and I can hardly wait!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 3- 8 muffins!!! (Jennifer)

So today is day 3! I only bought 2 weeks worth of food which is ten boxes of "stuff". So I am now at the point where I have tasted everything that I bought. Yesterday the hunger hit me...all day. I was so hungry I had a headache. So I popped some Aleve and went on with my day. I felt just like Trish did with her "eating her right arm" feeling. We talked several times throughout the day and joked about that. It is so great to have her to lean on and experience this with. I ate the chicken soup for lunch yesterday. A little bland but it actually was like chicken soup! Although I am not sure there was chicken in there.... I am still in the process of figuring out what to do to add some flavor. I am really enjoying the bars though. The lemon and mint are excellent and I would eat them even if I wasnt doing medifast. The fruit and nut is also good but more vitaminy. It is like such a treat when you taste a nut or fruit! So for dinner I was craving a burger even though I had one the night before. When it was gone I definately wanted more but was happy with what I ate. For snack I had the chocolate shake with some sugar free caramel syrup which is also allowed. Very good but the shakes have to be really cold to enjoy in my opinion. I was ticked because I had gone to Walmart earlier and forgot the ice...paid for it and forgot it. Like Walmart doesnt get enough of my money! But after the shake I was totally satisfied. I seem to say that after every time I have one.
I woke up this morning and wasn't really hungry. Whoopie! I had my vanilla shake (which is my favorite) with a tiny bit of caramel. It was like hitting the lottery...yummmmmmmm Like Trish said...this diet really makes you appreciative of what you do eat! I had a bar for snack and then for lunch.............. I took my bluberry oatmeal and turned it into muffins per the recipe on the box. Just the idea of muffins was exciting! Whoops...I used baking soda instead of baking powder so there was no fluff to them but the packet of oatmeal made 8 mini muffins!!! I was so excited to eat 8 of anything (says the fat girl)! For dinner I had a salad with 2 tbsp of dressing and some chicken in it. I hadnt realized I was that hungry until I looked up while I was eating to see my husband staring at me. It was at that point that I realized I must REALLY be enjoying my dinner because I completely saw the "wow" look in his eyes. I have seen that look once before when the dr put me on steroids and I was eating my dinner plus theirs :( 3 is done and no headache today!
Trish...your post was so funny I cant wait to log on daily and see what you have written(even though we talk like 10 times a day!). You really do have a way with words like Karen said. You should consider writing?????????????

Fat Girl Down –Day 2 (Tricia)

Lets get down to it. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache but I took some Tylenol and began my day. Not really an eventful day because I planned on the first three days to be very difficult. I mainly stayed on the computer and didn’t really do much. I did feel really tired in the early afternoon and I decided to take a little nap. Well, that turned into a two hour event and I woke up without the throbbing in my head. YAY! I did still feel a little fuzzy but I talked to my Medifast coach and she was very supportive and assured me that it was completely normal. I decided to take a shower and try to be a little productive. I have been feeling really cold all day so I turned the hot water all the way up and sung away…however my fuzziness caught up with me, and I think the hot water must have lowered my BP because I got really dizzy and decided to get my behind out of the shower. Now, this is a little glimpse into Tricia’s head because this is honestly what I thought of when it happened: I could see myself falling and hitting my head…staying in the tub helpless until Nate came home from work and found me. Then, he would have to call the ambulance, and I could almost hear the dispatcher saying to the Medics “FAT GIRL DOWN, bring the big stretcher.” And, as they were wheeling me out of my house, naked…in the distance you hear me quietly say…”But I am on Medifast”…That little gem kinda made me giggle to myself so I just wanted to share it with you for your reading pleasure.
But, lets really talk about today. Day two. I was definitely a lot less hungry today (although I do smell some tasty pork chops in the oven now and my tummy is a talkin’). This is what I have had so far today:
Chocolate shake (added a tsp of instant coffee to get my morning fix) - Pretty good!
Honey Mustard pretzels ( I tried to get my foods worth and suck off the honey mustard dust off of the pretzels before I ate them, but then I was left with cardboard sticks) Not bad.
Beef and vegetable stew.( I tried to make it a little more hearty by adding my 3 stalks of celery allowed for my snack to it) NOT GOOD at all!
Chocolate Mint crunch bar- Super good!
And, for my dinner I will be having a seasoned pork chop (coated with the allowed drizzle of olive oil and my favorite lady Mrs. D), some summer squash and broccoli. Groowwwlll.
For desert, I believe that I will be attempting the pudding again as it didn’t really work out for me last time. I put way too much water in it so instead of chilling it, I froze it. Which actually came out good and tasted like a WW fudge a glass.
I would say that overall it was a better day than yesterday and I found it a little easier too, aside from the headache that just snuck up on me again. I even think I may order some more food to get a better variety as I have now sampled everything that was sent except the Peach oatmeal I will be having for my mid-morning meal tomorrow. And, as my cousin Jennifer stated to me today, variety will be key. I am ready for tomorrow. Bring it on!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My right arm- Day 1 (Tricia)

So, today was the first day of my Medifast diet. I started out strong and had a peanut-butter bar, which was surprisingly really good. And throughout the day had a chocolate shake, maple oatmeal, and chili. I guess I was expecting the food to be horrific, so I was surprised at how…OK it was. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take Medifast meals over Nanny’s spaghetti and meat balls, but after each meal I found myself thinking…ok, not bad..I can work with this. The hardest time was the lapse between my afternoon snack and dinner. And let me tell you why. Things at work got a little busy and I stayed way later than expected. 6pm came fast and I still had to go to the grocery store. By this time I started to feel like everything they say in the book..I got a little headache, I started to feel a little dizzy, and I felt like I could take a little nap. But, I have things to do, so off to the grocery store I went with my meat and veggies list in hand. Let me be the first to tell you that I obviously did NOT think this through. Day 1 of a low calorie diet and pretty starving at this point, I walked into the grocery store to the wonderful aroma of the bakery. Darn (that’s not really what I thought, but I will keep it clean for the kids). It immediately struck me, what was I thinking? I quickly scurried past the delicious smells and walked to the veggies. While filling my cart I suddenly realized just how hungry I was and was thinking (sorry kids) I bet my right arm would taste ok if I just put some pepper on it, I mean don’t we always say “I would give my right arm….” It honestly took me an hour to grocery shop. I wandered around and kept forgetting things and I was suddenly aware that I went back to the same isle 4 times. Hmmm…Note to all my friends out there: grocery shop BEFORE you go on your diet.
Now, I don’t want you to get the impression that I am being pessimistic because I am not. I kept my head high and got out of there without ripping open Nate’s lunch cookies, so good for me. I went home and cooked myself a nice lean hamburger patty and had three veggie servings of asparagus. Delicious, thank you, Mrs. Dash, I will remember to write your company a complementary email. After my dinner I began to think. How is this meal different than my normal dinners? Well, I am glad you asked. It is only the first day but I realized that I truly appreciated my food. I know what you are thinking, I didn’t get this big by not enjoying my food, and don’t get me wrong, I love food. But it was different in some way. I was truly grateful for eating it. Am I on the right track here? When this is done will I continue to be thankful for the food I eat? Every little bite? Gosh I hope so because then I think I will be happy to have the 1 cookie for a snack instead of plowing the box. And that, after all, is the whole point.
So, before I end day one with my chocolate pudding, I wanted to take a second and thank everyone that stopped by my desk today to see how I was doing and my favorite cousin for pushing me and keeping me on the positive side of this experience. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes.

Medifast Day 2 (Jennifer) ~ What was I expecting?

Well, it is day 2 and I keep asking myself, "what was I expecting?" I must have thought the food was going to be awful and that I would be starving. I guess I really did prepare myself for the worst! Since my last post yesterday I have tried the lemon crunch bar, the vanilla pudding, chili and the orange creme shake. I am a big fan of the bars but admit every time I have taken it out of the package that I wish it were bigger! But hey...thats probably how I got fat to begin with! Some of the bars taste a little vitamin-y but after the first bite it isnt even noticable to me. And I actually dont mind because I know they are full of vitamins! The vanilla pudding was a very good treat last night before bed. I prepared it in a bowl and put it in the fridge for a bit. I added a little more water than called for(as I also do with the shakes) to make it a bit thinner. That is how I like it and it is more filling that way as well. The chili looked and smelled great, and I also added some water to that because it seemed so thick. The taste was very bland though. I did try to add some chili powder but I dont think that helped much. Nonetheless...I ate it all :) I am going to see what i can do to make it taste better. A little trial and error :) A big thing with the chili is let it soak in the water a while so the beans arent crunchy. The texture of the chili really looked no different than my homemade chili! This morning I had an orange creme shake with about 10 oz of water(it calls for less) and it was very good. I again used the Magic Bullet and feel very strongly that anyone doing this program should invest in one (Tricia...hehe). I have heard that the shakes can be lumpy and I havent had that issue with the bullet. Anyway, after breakfast I turned to my husband and said "this is doable for me!". By that I mean the program. I expected to be starving and at times I do get hungry...but not starving yet. For my first lean and green meal last night I pattied up a hamburger about 5 oz and cooked it with some hot sauce and then had about a cup and a half of broccoli and cauliflower. I put a little Mrs. Dash on my burger when I was cooking it and used some mustard as well since that is "allowed" too. And the odd part is that when I put all this on a plate it looked and tasted like the best food I had ever eaten! I think I drank about 100 oz of water yesterday at least but that is normal for me. so the 64 oz per day requirement is no issue for me. But there was a huge difference in how many times I had to pee. I think I was in there every 20 minutes yesterday! I told my health coach when she called me last night and she said that is great because my body is doing what it is supposed to in order to get me into the fat burning stage.
I am finding, however, that I am wanting to order more food very soon so that I can have more options when I open the cabinet door. I think that will be key for me. I like to have options :) Today for lunch I am going to try the chicken soup. I have had a few little headaches here and there but they said I probably would for the first few days while my body adjusts. It's day 2 and I am still excited!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The night before Medifast

The night before Medifast.
Tomorrow is the big day, day 1 of my Medifast journey. I always thought in the past that I could diet and get the weight off, and that lasted for about two weeks until I decided that since I had lost a few pounds, I could go ahead and have that bowl of ice cream or go eat out with my friends and indulge myself. But once I got the taste of something delicious, off my diet I went. Then I had a sudden epiphany, much like my cousin, about three weeks ago when I decided that I needed to do something about my weight. I am 30 years old and I have so much to accomplish in my life and my weight is slowing me down. About a week later, I was in the hospital with my husband who was suffering from a huge spike in blood pressure. Over the next few days mortality was thrown in my face, not just my husband’s health but I was and am scared for my own. And then I started considering something that has terrified me for years, the thought that I needed something other than just a yo-yo diet: surgery. SURGERY! The thought of going under the knife, having part of me removed, the possible health side effects afterwards and then I decided that I had to face the question: Am I going to risk my health under the knife or risk my health by not doing anything about my weight? My answer? NEITHER. My cousin Jennifer told me about her visit to the cardiologist and how he suggested the Medifast diet. Of course I was filled with skepticism, but I decided to read more about the diet and do my research. After reading personal stories, the good and the bad, I decided that I needed to step up to the plate and do this for myself and my husband. So, last Saturday, I ordered my two week supply of Medifast meals and they arrived today.
Am I scared that I can’t do this? A little. Am I more scared of surgery? A huge yes. Am I more scared of not doing anything at all and putting my life and happiness at risk? A Big Fat UH-HUH. So, I have picked out my meals, packed up my water bottle, and am mentally preparing for the first three days that I hope will turn my life around. I have my husband, my family, friends, and my cousin behind me. I can do this. I have the will power to make it through the first day. I have the strength to get through the first week. I have the positive thoughts to keep this going. I am taking my life back in my hands.

Day 1 of Medifast

So today is the big day, 2/25/10. I am starting Medifast at the recommendation of my dr. At first I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when he said he thought I could lose 50 lbs by June(and technically I should lose at least 70 but 50 would be great for me). But then I realized that it is a medical program that my doctor backs so I have nothing to lose...except a little money :) Before even discovering Medifast I had this whole realization that I really need to do something with my weight. And this time it was different. It wasnt just that I want to be thin or happy with what I see in the mirror. I want to be healthy. I want to feel good, both physically and mentally. I want to be a great mom to my kids. And for the first time in sooo long I feel that my motivation is strong! My dr must have seen that in me too because he commented on how my motivation will be the key to my success.
Once the medifast order was placed I got more excited than I thought I ever would be. I am excited about my decision to do the program and excited to make this committment to myself. But I am also realistic. I dont expect the food to be gourmet, and I expect the program it to be challenging. But I am ready for this challenge! And I certainly would not have spent the money if I didnt think I was.
Well the box of food came yesterday and I am starting today. I woke up ready to tackle this. I am ready to take control of my life! I did my share of research on the Medifast before I signed up for it. That is just the type of person I am. I really like the idea of having a health coach as well. But there isnt much you can do to decide what foods you will like until you taste them! So I ordered a little of this and a little of that....
This morning I had a french vanilla shake. I put it in the Magic Bullet. I was expecting the worst because I figured it cant possibly taste good and work! I used 8 oz of water with it and thought it looked a little watery. But it did froth up and blend nicely in the bullet. I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it! It tasted good and was much thicker than I expected. It did have a little grainy texture to it but in my opinion it didnt affect the yummy taste. And most importantly I was satisfied when I was done. Then for my mid morning snack I had a fruit and nut crunch bar. That too was pretty good. I dont think it was as good as the mint one I sampled at the dr's office, but it was still tasty. And now I am off to make some lunch. I am going to try the chili and see how that goes. I am sure there will be a lot of trial and error in preparation! I will keep posting and I hope others will too. My main reason for this blog is to give motivation to others and I also hope to get some back.