Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its been so long! (Jennifer)

Its been so long since I have been truly careful with what I put in my mouth for the whole day.  And I found myself maybe even a little confused as to what to eat today.  It used to come so easy to be healthy.  I spent most of my pre-meal time today standing in front of the fridge and in the food cabinets asking what I had just bought at the store for $245.  So, I pulled out my handy book which I used to log my calories into regularly to *remind* me of how I used to and should eat.  I was so happy that I had kept track for so long.  So obviously its going to take me a little while for it to feel natural to eat healthy again.  But I really do look forward to it.  And so far today, I think I have done pretty good.  I wont count calories forever but at this stage in the game its important for me to remind myself what portion sizes should be and how certain foods work better for my body.

I thought about attempting a run today but it is so cold and windy out there.  I want to start it back up on a positive step.  That, and my little one had some kind of stomach bug this morning so we just hung out and took it easy.  But I really look forward to that day when I can get out and have a great run!

Today's reason for losing weight:
*I realized that my weight loss and healthy living journey started at the end of last February. year ago.  Although I have had some bumps in the road it made me realize that all in all I have kept the most of my weight off and have maiintained pretty well. And even though I havent been paying much attention to diet and exercise for the past several months I DID NOT fail!  I talked to my friend Teresa about this and she said my body has adjusted to this as my weight.  Really?  Could it be?  So I am thinking that if I havent been eating the best and havent been exercising, then maybe I can really get some results now that I am?  Its great motivation for me since I was at a plateau for several months in the 160's.  Right now I am around 170ish.

Today I am thankful for:
*One of my newer friends asked me to do her first 5k with her in June.  She never knew me when I was obese but she knows that I was.  It dawned on me that she is much thinner than I am, and here she is looking up to me as a runner.  Wow.  That hit me hard for some reason.  It remotivated me.  And I should say that about two weeks ago we had a nice day of warm weather and I attempted a run.  I assumed after all these months that my endurance would be gone and I would have to recondition myself all over again(when I first started running I couldnt even run 30 seconds at a time).  I was totally surprised that I went a mile and a half with no problems.  I could have went longer but not sure the dog could!  I am going to work on conditioning her too.  She deserves to be healthy too right?!  Here she is sleeping with her toys with her tongue sticking out  :)


J said...

Glad you are back! You sound good! :)

The Fat Mom said...

One day at a time Jennifer! That's all it takes.

Jessica said...

Good job today :)

Jen said...

Welcome back :)


Kristen said...

welcome back

Shelley said...

Woohoo for the run, and your dog is so cute! Love that she has her toys with her as she sleeps. :)