Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Re-prioritizing (Jennifer)

I thank you all for your comments and support along the way, especially these last few months.  I have reached this point where I feel like enough is enough.  I can no longer sit back and feel sorry for myself.  I cant have pity parties, and I cant let my fear run me anymore.  I was hoping I would come to this point!  I have mentioned before how I have been having a hard time making it to the gym to work out with my change in schedule.  I talked with my husband and we made some decisions together that will hopefully change my schedule and allow me to work out at the gym more often.  I want to take my life back, to help myself in the ways I can.

I went back into my past blog posts and it made me remember how good I was feeling, both physically and mentally when I was working out.  It was just what I needed!  I went to the grocery store today and set myself up for success by having the proper foods in the house. I feel excited again.  The weather is getting into the 30's and I can feel the excitement  building within me as I watch the weather forecast for a nice day to plan a run.  I am excited about blogging again. 

The best way to put this is to say...I AM RE-PRIORITIZING!  I deserve this...right?  I wish it hadnt taken me so long but I am glad that I finally reached this mindset.  It wont be easy.  I have lost a lot of strength and muscle these past few months, but I accept this challenge.  I know it is good for me.  I thank you all for bearing with me along the way!

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to see the changes in my body again.  Although I have gained about 10 lbs, its feels like tons more because of how my body has added those lbs.  It seems like it should be way more based on how my clothes fit and how my curves arent quite curves anymore.  I am lacking tone.  I look forward to getting these back.

Today I am thankful for:
*making a decison that I was nervous about in order to make it possible for me to be successful.  As guilty as I feel even saying it, I guess I put me first.  I stressed over it for several weeks as the lbs kept creeping on.  And I am thankful that I was capable of re-prioritizing.


spunkysuzi said...

Jennifer good to see you back!!
Sometimes we just have to put ourselves first.

The Fat Mom said...

You do deserve this! For yourself most of all! Way to work your schedule out with hubby so you can go to the gym. It will be hard at first.....but I have no doubt you will bounce back quickly!

Christine said...

It won't take long until you are in the groove again!!!

You SO deserve this!!!

Jessica said...

We all need to put ourselves first sometimes. Ready to read about your progress. I know it is going to be great!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Have a pretty day!