Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A little stressed....

But not about the half marathon(which by the way is in 4 short days!!).  Actually I am really looking forward to it. I read there are 900 marathoners and 1100 half marathoners signed up.  I like bigger races because they attract more spectators and its easier to blend in.  There is more people of all different shapes and sizes.   There is such a great feeling amongst the runners all out to accomplish a goal.  And with this many runners I am betting there are others out there doing their first half just like me. 

But my stress is about something else.  We have decided to sell our house.  Its not really the season for selling a house since its starting to get super chilly.  But, we want more land and maybe some more animals.  I like my house but I am excited about moving at the same time.  The hubs and I have talked it over and over again and decided that listing the house is what we should do.  So the sign is in the yard as of yesterday and it feels so...decisive.  We think its better to list it now instead of the spring so that we can settle into a school district for the girls before they start next year.  I dont want next summer to come and us still not know where the girls will be going to school.  Thats cutting it too close.   Even though we are only looking 20ish miles north of where we currently are, it will put our kids in different school district than their (preschool) friends.  So, that makes it hard too.  I have made some awesome friends in the past few years(and our kids).  And it doesnt seem like 20 miles would change that.   I will be praying about it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck selling your house!!!!


debkhershberger said...

Will be praying for you!!!
Cant wait to hear about the run!!! Keep your head up, and push thru those mental blocks!!