Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another 5k under my belt

I decided last minute that I would run the Carol Baldwin breast cancer run with my friend Laura this morning.  Carol Baldwin is the mother of Alec and Stephen Baldwin.  It is a local inaugural race that benefits the our university hospital and cancer research.  Great cause in my opinion.  I really like to do races that I know the fee to run is a donation for something I support.  Medical research is always a great donation.

I figured that because my muscles arent sore anymore after my half marathon last weekend that I would be fine.  And maybe I would have been...if there hadnt been tons of long and very tough hills.  I started out strong hoping that maybe I could get a decent time.  Three miles should feel like cake after running 13 last week, right?  WRONG.  My legs and ankles were tired after the second hill.  The hills were long and steep and just kept coming one after another.  And even though we got to go back down every hill we did, I couldnt even enjoy it because I was so tuckered out.  And, for the first time in any of my "races" I had to walk...twice.  Did I mention the hills were killer?

But, I am so glad I did it.  It was a great cause and it was fun.  I love being in that environment where so many people get together for an awesome cause.  There were so many people in so many shades of pink.  There were girls with hot pink bras on the outside of their clothes.  There were young people and old people, and people of all shapes and sizes.  There were men wearing shirts of all sorts talking about "boobies".  There were tents for all sorts of things (even exotic pets) and tons of free goodies.  I love free stuff :)  There was music and coffee, muffins, bagels, fruit...compliments of Freihoffers, Wegmans and Tim Hortons.  It was one of the better race environments I have been at.  And one of the best things was that Carol Baldwin was there herself.  She was walking around with her walker(with pink bows on it) and assistants at her sides.  She was introducing herself to everyone and shaking their hands.  She was so happy to see such a great turnout.  There were over 2000 people signed up she said.  Pretty good for an inaugural race, and even better to see her so touched!

Here are some pics.

Me and the hubs.  He didnt run but wore my shirt :)

Laura, Carol Baldwin, and me before the race.

Me and Laura

Not loving my midsection in this pic. is what it is.  Reality.

The hubs in my pink shirt.  He wears pink well, right?

A guy walked in front of the camera...

A random tooth walking around handing out free (pink) toothbrushes.

This lady was loving up on this lizard.   Giving it kisses and hugs like it was a dog. It had a long snake like tongue.  See our faces?  Scared.  Take one....

Take two.... a little calmer.

Pretty turtle

Ewwwww...I left at this point!

Laura:  "cookie anyone?" I the only one that thinks this is inappropriate at a cancer run???
And here is the newest addition to my car after the half last week.  I drive around with pride and get excited every time I see it!

I pulled a muscle in my back at some point today and my legs are tired.  A few days off and a more serious effort on my eating plan are in store for this week!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Michele said...

Congrats on another race completed! Love your new sicker on your car, too!

Kelly said...

Whoa - what a cool 5K. You had such cool stuff at your 5K - usually, there's only some food & a raffle afterwards in the 5Ks that I've run.
P.S. - you are looking lovely & fit!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

How inspiring!

Shelley said...

I ran a 5K less that a week after my half - was feeling pretty good going into it, but holy crap, did my legs let me know they were not done recovering from the half! Very nice that you ran this race - sounds like it was a neat event, even with the random weirdness (exotic pets at a race? hearse??). Didn't know that the Baldwin mom had breast cancer. :(

Anonymous said...

It was a great time! Never before have I felt like throwing up after a race. Those hillssssssss were killer, and to think we were told there was only one quick steep hill and then all flat or down hill from there. I love that you came to this race with me, it was a challenge that was definately worth the (still lingering) pain!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

I gave you an award on my page go check it out!

Bring Pretty Back said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so impressed!
You look awesome!
Have a pretty day!

Desert Singer said...

Awesome!! Well Done You and love the pics!!! And you look beautiful!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Steller job girl! You look super awesome in pink and so does your hubby! You inspire me to run a another 5k!

I wish I had words of wisdom about food choices... but mainly it's just to get a plan and stick with it. Planning and preparing... deciding beforehand that you will not have certain unhealthy foods is what is working for me.

You are amazing girl!!
God bless,


Milady said...

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Joy said...

You go girl!! So PROUD OF YOU!!! Keep up the great work and next time you are faced with hills you will run them without any problems!!

Keep focused!!

Kelly said...

Hey lady - update soon, please. =)