Sunday, March 4, 2012

So glad so many people can relate

It was so heartwarming for me to read the responses on my last post.  I was surprised that so many people can relate.  I was really feeling like maybe something was wrong with me.  But it was great to realize that there are other people out there with the same struggles as me and that I am not alone.  And while I still dont really understand *why* I love food so much I know I am not alone. 

I treated Saturday like a free day and surely used up my extra 49 allowance points..  But they, thats what they are for. For me its about not feeling deprived and WW even says that is so important to achieve success.  And I know I should have counted every single thing I ate that day but I didnt.  But it was back to tracking today and it felt good.

Yesterday the sweets were calling to me.  I tried drinking more water so my belly would get full but I swear those chocolate cookies on the counter were calling me and the cheesecake in the fridge was too.  At home I try not to keep too many temptations in the house but we were at a friends house and they do not struggle with overweightness.  And again I was wondering why I am so different.    How come they can have those things in the house and be thin and I cant?  Not sure why this has been bothering me so much over the past few weeks.

Our house is for sale and we had a showing yesterday.  Do you have ANY idea what it is like to get your house ready to show?  Well maybe for some people its no big deal(and trust me I have seen some houses where people just dont care) but for me it means spotlessness.  Everything has to have a home.  I swear my house looked like it should have been on HGTV.  We dont have a house to move into yet so I am a little indifferent to selling right now.  There is so much crap out there that is overpriced.  It makes us second guess moving since we remodeled our house to make it what we want it to be.  Supposedly the people liked it but need to sell their house first.  Same story here.  But there is nothing out there that we love right now.  We want acreage(like lots), a house with enough living space,reasonable taxes (which seems impossible in this state), privacy, yet convenience to what we need and not too far from our friends.  We love our current house but dont have the acreage or as much privacy as we would like.

I have been praying about making the right decision.  I was hoping this past showing would lead us in the right direction.  I know its not quite the season for buying/selling.  So for now we will just keep on praying.


prakash said...


for good..

garry kelly said...

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Hope everything will turn alright. Just keep praying will be fine. Godbless.