Monday, June 30, 2014

15 weeks post vertical sleeve

Today is 15 weeks since I had VSG.  Tomorrow is one of my follow up appointments.  I have pretty well settled into my new ways and it feels good.  Here's the details:

WEIGHT:  I am down 63 lbs.  My weight is 188.8 down from 252.  I am finally a starting to "feel" the weight loss.

SIZE:  I am in a 16 down from a 20/22.  I could wear a 14 but I am comfortably wearing a 16 for now.  Most tops I am buying are a Large.  This is super exciting for me.

FOOD:  I am keeping the carbs down but not keeping track or anything.  I am eating 3 times a day and having my protein scoop in my coffee.  This is great because then I don't need sugar or creamer :).   I do enjoy a chip or a snack or a bite of something yummy if I want it.

EXERCISE:  I so need to be getting better at this.  I have done a bit of running but nothing steady.  I know it's good for me and I need to do it more.  I also need to get into some simple weight lifting with dumbbells.  There is no reason not to.  I am just being lazy and procrastinating.

HOW I FEEL:  most days I have a ton more energy than I used to.  Keeping the carbs and sugars down are definitely helping with this.  My confidence is starting to increase and I am enjoying the differences in me.

STRUGGLES:  One of the biggest things that remains an issue for me is knowing when to stop eating.  I know what my portion sizes should be.  I know to eat slow.  Yet it's a struggle for me most days.  I eat fast and too much , which seems like a ridiculous amount compared to how much I used to eat.  And although I am thankful that I get a full feeling in my belly, that is not how it should be.  I should not eat until discomfort.  This is something I am working on.  It's quite eye opening for me that my love of food and how I eat so fast is not really "normal". You would think being full would be a great thing to achieve after eating so little.  But for me, there is usually a bit of sadness that I am full and a desire to eat more even though I am full.  Very eye opening.

For now I take it day by day, meal by meal but I am less focused on eating than I used to be.  I have adjusted into my mew lifestyle and I hope it continues to be smooth down the road.  I have had several people come up and ask me about my experience.  They are obese and considering surgery. What works for one isn't for everyone but I am glad to share my journey.

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divad said...

Keep sharing! And just because you had surgery, doesn't mean you don't face the same struggles that I face. Learning not to eat to past full, keeping sugar and carbs to nill...we're still the same, you're just making quicker progress than me! :) Happy for you! Proud of you!