Saturday, January 22, 2011

Re-energized (Jennifer)

Today I talked to one of my good friends.  We have been friends for 20 + years.  I am 31 so that is a lot of my life!  We can go months without speaking (we live several hours apart) and then pick up the phone and start right where we left off.  We are very different people but have always been there for each other.  Anyway, in our conversation today she told me about how she wants to lose weight and how inspiring I am to her.  We havent seen each other in a long time but she was amazed by some of the pics she had seen of me on Facebook.  She said I have motivated her and she wanted to know if there is anything I could tell her that could help her.  I told her how protein wards off my hungry beast from within, and therefore helps me to make better choices.  I told her how it wasnt until I got a good chunk of weight off that I felt and saw a difference and how it was at that point I knew I would never go back.  I told her how I took up running and all of the amazing benefits it has provided me.  I told her about my blog, and how it has helped me immensely.  Really, I had lots to say.   She said how she has reached a point where enough is enough and she is at her biggest size ever. 

I was so glad to have had this talk with her today.  First, I want to share what I have learned along this journey.  I want to share it with anyone who can possibly take something good out of it, but it was even more meaningful to share it with something special to me.  Second, I found that as I was telling her about my journey, the good and bad experiences, that this passion came out inside of me.  It made me realize that while I have only gained a small amount of weight through the holidays that there is still a better place that I was at and cant wait to be at again. 

The timing of this was perfect.  I have been going to the gym and yesterday even ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Its been a while since my last run so I thought for sure it would be a struggle.  Nope  :)  I was so relieved.  On a different note, however, we got tons of snow over the past few days and I rolled my ankle (again) in  the snow.  I screamed and it hurt so bad when I did it.  It is much better right now but I can tell it is sprained (again).  So...a few days of proper diet and a little rest and I hope to be good as new.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Its wonderful to have such a friend and she is so lucky to have u too. Now you can inspire one nother!!

J said...

That's awesome!

Cub's Den said...

Thats great! I have a question for you..I want to run a 5K but I dont know if I am ready. I ran 2.4 miles 3 weeks ago and it took me 30 minutes. I have been working to strength train the last two weeks and doing cardio on my tmill. The 5K i want to do is March 5th. I would love any advice on training and knowing if i am ready.

Jennifer said...

Hi there. I got your comment over on my blog and here is what I think...

If you have already done 2.4 then I would say you can definately get yourself up to 3.1 (5K) by March. I would definately set that as your goal! You will be surprised, at least I was, at how quick your endurance increases! I give you credit for treadmill running. For me, its tougher to make myself do it. I like a change of scenery. When the weather warms up around here to like 40, try running outside to prepare yourself for the 5k. Outside running is much different (and better in my opinion). But you have to learn to pace yourself because if you start out too fast you will tire out quickly. Thats easy to do when running outside where as when you are on the treadmill it is set at a specific pace. So maybe when training on the tredmill, after you can do 3.1, try to change your pace/incline every few minutes or minute and challenge yourself. I am so excited that you are going to do a 5k! It is such an amazing experience that you will never forget. I did my first on Oct 2, and have done 2 more since since. I cant wait for it to warm up to do another!

Are you doing the one in March around here? I love to drag the hubs with me and sometimes he even runs with me! My first one I did by myself though and it was so gratifying. you will see what I mean. You will be so proud of yourself. The first one I did was in Albany and it was the breast cancer run. I did a post on it and even included video if you havent seen it on the blog yet...Oct 2 or sometime around then when I posted about it. Anyway, there were tons of people and the roads were full of spectators. I liked that for my first time. Easy to blend in since I was so nervous! But the next one I did was much smaller, way fewer spectators and a whole different environment. Then I did the turkey trot and that was just insane. over 7000 people. hard to run in that atmosphere. i blogged about all 3 of them in detail.

When you do your first one try to pace yourself. Its really easy in the beginning to keep up with everyone else and then you realize you were running so fast that you are exhausted and still have 2 miles to go. but if you pace yourself you wont have that. Thats probably why some people, me included, think the first mile is the hardest! But remember, it does get better!

Music: for me, i have to have good music or I could never run. I learned which songs get me pumped up and make running fun! So find some stuff that works for you and I bet that helps.

Also, there is a 5K training schedule you can find online. I wish I had found that before I did my first 5k. I am working on a 10k and maybe even a half marathon before the end of the summer. Fingers crossed. I never ever ran before last summer. I hated exercise, any form, and never thought I could or would ever run. It is amazing how it changes your whole body! I was in my best shape ever when running. Somehow it evens hapes your arms and upper body. I havent figured that out yet but hey, if it works no complaints! Plus, being a stay at home, it gives me a few minutes to myself out of the house.

I am certainly not a pro,or a dr, but I am so humbled that you asked ME about running. I will gladly let you know about my experiences with the hopes it can help! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Jen said...

That's awesome!!! Now you can both inspire/motivate each other. Keep up your hard work, you motivate me every time I read your blog!!