Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks and an update (Jennifer)

Thanks to those of you who have been "checking" on me.  My weight loss and priorities have kind of been on hold these last few months. And I really didnt want to drag down the blog with my health issues...even though at this point I still dont know what they are exactly.   So, I havent been posting that much to spare you all of the negativity and frustration I am feeling.  But here is an update for those of you who have been asking.  I have had 4 CT scans in the last month and a half.  Please dont comment on that because that much radiation scares me without others saying it.  I have been pretty stressed actually.  The drs did speak (primary dr and ENT) to each other in making the decsion for the additional CT's I just had but their opinions from that point on dont seem to be the same. 

I got a call from my primary the night I had them done and he said I have enlarged lymph nodes, and the scan, although not of the sinuses, did pick up on a sinus infection.  I had a sinus CT done with my first ENT a month and half ago who I later found out did not take my insurance so I had to leave him.  He wanted to possibly do surgery for a blocked sinus but wasnt sure this was what was causing my issue.  Anyway, my primary dr said I  also had bloodwork that came back concerning so I had to have more done which they said came back better. The lymph nodes dont surprise me because I have been saying for months that the left side of my neck, ear and throat feels swollen.  It is relentless and scary for me.  The further tests, he said, were looking for cancers and lymphomas and he said those came back okay.  I had to wait several days for them....STRESS.  The dr said the lymph nodes combined with the bloodwork, in his opinion, means that I am fighting an infection.  However, I have been on(and still am right now) 4 rounds of pretty strong antibiotics since September so that I do not understand at all.  If its an infection then why doesnt it go away with the antibiotics.  And why doesnt the ENT seem concerned?  He(the primary dr) thinks this is all sinus related as I have had this post nasal drip that wont go away since this all started. However, I do not have a stuffed nose.  He gave me some antibiotics to put right into a neti pot to try to treat the sinuses directly.  And in my opinion its not helping.  I am also having pressure on the left side of my head, as well as my neck and ear.  I am hoping it is just the post nasal drip causing the cough that I am having.  I have been on tons of different meds and nothing seems to be working.  This is extremely frustrating to me because before this I was not on any medicine and for the last 5 months I cant seem to get past whatever this is that is going on. I told the dr its ironic that I finally started taking care of myself, lost 65 lbs and now I am not feeling well.

So...then the ENT dr called me and said the scan looks fine overall and he doesnt need to see me until my next appt...a month away.  What?  The other dr just called and said I had enlarged lymph nodes, bad blood results, and a sinus infection.  Yet he is not concerned?  The primary dr said that to the specialist that isnt all that bad because they see the worst of the worst, and he will treat me until I get back to the ENT.  So now I wait.  For what I dont know.  I will keep using the neti pot with the antibiotics and hope it starts working.  I am just hoping we are barking up the right tree here.  I am trying so hard to be patient.  I just want to feel better and I hope that I do soon.  I feel that I will have a new appreciation for life, and health, and my body if I can just get past this.

Please keep me in your prayers.  And if anyone knows anyone who could possibly add a little insight to my situation I would be open to hearing it.  There are no doctors in my family  :(

I hope you are all doing well!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I was just reading your post when I got the email of your comment to my post. I would be happy to pray for you, Jennifer! I'm so sorry you are going through so much and still don't have answers. Prayers coming your way. Hang in there... think positive... take care of yourself... you are loved!!!


Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Jennifer, I have no inut but want you to know I am thinking of you. Big hugs and you are in my prayers. I know you must be scared and over all the testing. I will pray the dr's find a good response quickly.

dawne said...

I can't believe how unjust it is to be so sick after becoming healthy!!! NO FAIR!

Stay strong Jennifer.

Karen said...

You know I'm here to listen if you feel the need to scream, yell, cry etc...I'll be on the other end listening. I actually thought that same thing that you wrote...the part that you lose weight, are eating better and exercising, yet this happens. Isn't doing all that stuff supposed to make you healthy? I didn't say it though for fear of stressing you out even more. There will be an end to this, I'm sure. It just seems like you have to be patient, even though you don't want to and truthfully you've already been more than patient. Hang in there, this too shall pass. As they always say, God doesn't give you things you can't handle. He must think you are a trooper for making you go through all this.

Jessica said...

((HUG)) I know how frustrated you must be! I am frustrated for you! I hope things get better very soon! Keep us updated!

Shelley said...

No good advice on your physical situation, but I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, Jennifer - hope you get well soon AND get some answers.

J said...

I will definitely pray for you. I know it is scary and frustrating.

This quote made me think of you...

"In facing the unknown, hope is as reasonable as despair."

Hold onto your hope.