Monday, June 20, 2011

Any ideas please?

This post is going to be all over the place....

First, I have been having a problem leaving comments on other blogs.  Is anyone else having this issue?  I go to leave a comment and for some reason it asks me to choose an account and makes me log in again. So I do and then it still comes up as anonymous  and then it wont even let me post it that way.  Sooo...if some of you are wondering why the lack of commenting from me...this is why.  I have rebooted my computer, checked my blogger settings, my google settings and still cant figure it out.  Any ideas?  I have also noticed that I havent had my usual number of comments on my blog.  So either I am getting boring or maybe others are having the same issue?

Second, I have noticed that my mentality has changed a bit.  I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl.  If I ate good, I exercised and vice versa.  And if I slipped up and ate bad I wouldnt bother exercising.  I'd thrwo in the towel.  That was a tough way to be and led me to several years of yoyo dieting.  I just figured its how I was.  But as disgusted with how poorly I have been eating lately, I have NOT given up my exercise.  Yaay!  I have been running.  Which leads me to new territory which has its own frustrations.  So I run 3 miles, and then negate it by eating two donuts right?  So whats the point?  WRONG!  I am excited thatI have the new mentality to realize that exercise, despite what I put in my mouth, is still great for me!  Imagine that?  My muscles are still getting stronger, I am still burning calories, etc.  I cant express how exciting this concept is for me.

Third...ugh.  Why?  Why did I feel the need to eat 3 candy bars( yup, 3....) along with some freshly microwaved marshmallows and several graham crackers to make smores...inside.  Really?  It used to be that I didnt want to undo my hard work once I learned how many calories I was burning while exercising.  Now, that is one concept I would gladly welcome back into my mentality. 

Fourth, I am glad to say that despite my crappy runs this past weekend that I am still looking forward to my run tomorrow!  Yaay! When I have a bad run I always find it hard to get back out there again.  And since I had two tough ones in a row I thought I would dread getting back out there.  I have been doing some research on the benefits of running to kind of rekindle the spark...hehe.  I am happy with what I am learning and I think I will make it the topic of my post tomorrow.

Hope you are all doing well.


Shelley said...

You're evolving! One thing that I found a little hard to manage, mentally, when I was running a lot was limiting my excess snackage, because I WAS running it off. So you're not alone in this - but I promise, if you can reign in the candy bars, donuts, etc., you are going to have one heck of a rockin' hard body from all those miles! :)

I've heard others are having issues with commenting on blogs, but I don't know what they are doing to get around it. Have you checked the help forums?

debkhershberger said...

I have a snack problem on my run days too!! And its seems its chocolate!! One day, I hope to figure it out!

Asfar as commenting on others. I unclicke my 'stay logged in button' and now I can leave comments. Deb

Spoonful of Me said...

I was having trouble leaving comments too. Try unchecking the keep me signed in box and it should let you comment. That is all I had to do.

Katie J said...

I was going to say the same thing as Spoonful. I did that and have not had any problems since

Shelley said...

Jennifer, I drink Athlete's Honey Milk (light) every day after I swim - love this stuff! It's available in my local grocery store, but I actually order it online from their website - they have free shipping, and I can always google for codes to get 1/3 off. This is the best-tasting protein drink I've ever had - my favorite flavor is coffee, but they have other flavors, too. Hope this helps! :)