Sunday, June 19, 2011

What happened?

Seriously...I dont know what happened on my runs this weekend.  Remember on my last post how excited I was to go to camp so I could do my runs there?  A change of scenery, the two mile loop that I have run before and am famaliar with...remember my excitement?  Well, I am glad that I have been running for a while now because if I were a new runner (and didnt know that it can actually be a pleasurable thing) I would give it up! 

Saturday morning I decided to do the two mile loop.  It invloves quite a hill and usually I have to walk for a minute or two and I was expecting that.  So I suited up and the hubs came along with me.  I struggled from the minute I put my sneaks on the ground.  And it all went even further downhill from there!  The hill is early in the run and since I was struggling before I even arrived at it I was really dreading it.  I stopped and walked a bit.  Then started back up running again.  I stopped a few more times.  I just could not get "comfortable" running.  Everything felt so *off* to me.  I was definitely lacking any sorta pleasure.  Even after the hill I  had to stop at another point and walk.  My breathing was uncomfortable but I wasnt gasping for air or anything like that.  I was tired and had to stop.  I had hoped for two loops for a total of 4 miles but it was all I could do (seriously) to complete the 2 miles.  It bothered me most of the day that I had such an awful run.  I was disappointed in myself.  It wasnt overly hot, although it was humid.   I was sweating like a pig.  The hubs and I talked about it and here is what we came up with for possible reasons.  First, I drank a cup of coffee before we went.  My hubs swears this is what my problem was.  There is no doubt in his mind.  I dont usually drink coffee.  Some other things different in this run:  I wore different sneakers, I have been eating like total CRAP for a while now and my body isnt happy about it, and its been almost a year since I have tackled that hill.  I think (and really hope) its a combination of these things that made me struggle and that its a freak thing.  All runs cant be perfect right?

Todays run was again with the hubs.  I was a little nervous about it after yesterdays run!  I wore my regular sneakers this time, didnt drink any coffee or caffeine, and went a non hilly route.  I wanted to make it as positive of an experience as possible because I didnt want to be soured by yesterday route.  Also, today is my long run of the week-4 miles, so it was important.  The first mile and a half was kinda rough for me.  I was trucking along wondering why this was so tough.  What was different?  I was thinking about how I was going to have to blog about this.  My ankes hurt.  My knees hurt.  There was food *revisiting* and I kept burping.  I was asking myself how I am going to possibly run a half marathon. Then we came up to flashing lights, and I joked "how did they know I would need them???".  As we got closer I realized it was an accident  :(  After that I managed the run with much more ease.  The soreness seemed to disappear.  And when it was all said and done, it was almost two minutes faster than my last 4 mile run.   So not too shabby I guess.  Oddly, when I was done I realized I was barely sweating....hmmmmmm.....

  I am not sure why some runs seem so hard for me in the beginning?  The first mile or so is tough on me.  I have my running watch so I have been careful to watch my pace and not start out too fast and tire myself out.  I am really thinking my main problem is the garbage (and the large amount of it) that I have been eating.  Its another wakeup call.  Eat well and your body will thank you.  I will keep you posted on that.  I will be making a huge effort in that department this week.

I didnt take my phone running with me but here are a few pics of my Sugar Marie!

She was less than amused that her highness had to be attached to a leash while outside...

Really?  I dont need a leash outside....cmon....


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I'm glad you had a better run. I think you are right... that eating not-so-great foods would affect your run. I bet that is it totally! (although I'm a newby and actually don't know anything... ;)

I like how you work things out and work to solve your issues. You are a determined woman! I can't wait to build up to 4 mile runs! :) Keep kickin it girl!

Have a great day, my friend!

Kelly said...

I find that when I don't eat well, I certainly don't feel well either. Sluggish, lethargic, and it totally affects my mood too - it makes sense if you think about it.