Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good food Bad food vs moderation

One thing I can say is that I have done lots of diets.  I have tried so many different eating plans(south beach, medifast, atkins, Weight watchers, etc)out of sheer desperation to get this weight off.  Some were more doable than others, some "worked" better than others, but in the long run I realize I havent really found what works for me.

But I am getting there. 

Regardless of the diet programs I have been on, it has always been good foods(okay to eat) and bad foods(no no foods).  There are foods that were okay to eat on each particular diet, and foods that werent okay.  I have learned that this has left me utterly confused!!!  I am working so hard to learn moderation.  I have some tough habits to break.  One thing I am trying to overcome is if I eat something that feels "forbidden", to try to make it NOT feel forbidden.  I want to allow myself things that I want and then to move on with the rest of my day eating healthy.  Just because I eat one thing that is sweet or yummy doesnt mean the whole rest of the day has to be a loss.


How many times have I heard this word.  TONS.  Yet it never really sunk in.

I AM HUMAN.  If I deny myself all the things I love all the time then that is not sustainable for me. It plays into the diet mentality which is not permanent.  If I eat something yummy and higher in calories and fat, its okay!  I am human. I can eat well *MOST* of the time and still enjoy an indulgence here and there.  This is moderation. 

MODERATION- the middle comfort zone between a restrictive diet (I have tried them all!) and overeating indulgent foods all day every day.

MODERATION- no starting an stopping.  Example:  "when I am done with this diet I can have cookies and cake".  There is no end because its not a diet!   Doesnt that sound amazing?

I have never been in this so called sweet spot and I feel myself moving towards it.  I just might be onto something here....  fingers crossed.


divad said...

Moderation is a beautiful thing. It was motto in 2009-2010. It works and it is real life. The only have to keep eating in moderation for life!! That's the part I always miss out on! I go back. But, we're doing this Jennifer. And...since we're not too far away from each other, we should take a goal celebration trip - to NYC or something!

Christine said...

If I can get a hold of the moderation thing too it would be wonderful! I loved this post.

I would be up for the goal celebration trip that Dawne spoke of too...I would love to meet some of you inspirational women!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, LOVE your blog. At my highest I was 253. At my lowest I was (an unhealthy) 112. I had my gall bladder out in October and have gained 40 pounds in a heartbeat. On WW now and am pretty good with moderation if you don't count the ~18 points of random, constant snacking that I do in almost every afternoon. I am working on ways to redirect the emotional eating that I do. I also like how in one of your posts, you wonder if people notice the gain as much as you do. I feel like everyone is going "tsk tsk" in their heads. I'm looking forward to watching your journey as I take my own. Unfortunately it won't come quick enough for either of us but I am determined to make it stick this time! Thanks agin for the inspiration.

divad said...

Where are you my friend? I hope everything is okay. Thinking of you and moderation! :)