Monday, August 1, 2011

5k pics!

Hello all!  I am happy to say that I have been very on track with both my eating and running.  I have not been on the scale in a while and plan to weigh in tomorrow just to see where I am at.   I am back to not wanting to weigh too often and to just enjoy my healthy eating and exercising lifestyle.  It feels so good just knowing that I am trying.  So why let the scale interfere too often right?  I will let my clothes and how I feel guide me along in my progess checks for now with a check in on the scale here and there.

I ran a 5k this weekend with my friend.  It was her first and I was so proud of her.  She made a comment on FB last week that said "Youre going to have a clan of people following you soon, Jen, just like Forrest Gump. Whats your t-shirt going to say?".  It made me smile and I really inspiring people?  Boring ole me? 


We got there and to my surprise I didnt have the pre-race jitters I have had in the past.  There was excitement but the nerves werent really there.  My hubs and our girls were there.  They made signs  :)  And my friends daughter was there too with her sign.  But her other daughter woke up sick so her hubs stayed home with her so my friend could come run the race!  How nice!  So we piled in her minivan and off we went.  I was a little concerned about the hills that were on the course but not nervous or doubting myself.  I knew about them only because we checked the course out the day before.  The race was awesome.  One of the smaller ones I have done yet the envirnoment was one of my favorites!  There was music, spectators, people sitting outside their houses with sprinklers set up to run through, and snacks for after.  Not bad for a smaller race.  We told ourselves before the race that we wouldnt put a time goal on it because of all the hills, and because it was her first race. 

I am so very happy with how we did.  I was most proud with how I felt during the whole run.  I felt energized and empowered.  I didnt get exhausted and we handled the hills well!  Our finishing time was 34:53.  Definately not my fastest 5k, but not my slowest either.  And honestly, I felt so good and energized that time took a backseat to how good I felt!  My friend agreed that it was an awesome run.  Here are some pics!

the girls cheering some peeps in!

Just finished!

fixing the hair pre-race...hehe.

My family +1

Or average time was somewhere around 11:24 minute/mile and according to my garmin watch we were at a 6 minute mile when we sprinted to the finish!

After the race, we headed to camp for the weekend.  Here are some pics from there.

This deer ate all sorts of food all weekend.

There was a mama and two babies

"hey...can I get some of that?"


I must say I am less than thrilled with the rolls as I sit there. least I am on track and working on it!

Hope everyone is well! 


Kristen said...

which 5K race did you do? I love the camping photos! Were you in old forge?

Kelly said...

Jen, you absolutely inspire people. You inspire me! A 6 minute mile pace - my goodness, that is fantastic! Love all the pics. You have a lovely family!

Sugar dreams said...

This is my first time here and wow you have come such a long way! And yes, definitely inspiring! I've just started blogging about my weightloss today and have just been browsing around to see what others are doing. I had no idea there were so many blogs out there!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jen!! that's amazing!

Shelley said...

Aww, there is nothing better than running a race with a friend! What a great cheering squad you had, too. :)

Love the deer pictures. That looks like fun!

Joy said...

Way to go! I like 5k's and looking forward to doing another one soon! My personal best is 45 minutes. I have a long way to go to keep up with you!! You are amazing!

Keep focused!

Kelly said...

Jen - I'm in Long Island, which is about 2-3 hours from Albany, depending on traffic.

Jessica said...

Love the pics of the girls with posters :)