Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Then what?

I have been on track with my running.  I have been using Roctane to see how it helps me with my runs in the mornings, especially when I havent had any coffee.  Sometimes I dont eat breakfast before I go because I  roll out of bed (literally) and go running.  I have used it twice this week and really enjoyed the results.  Its about 100 calories and carries me through most of my run.  As my runs get longer I plan to use it to refuel along the way.   Right now, during training, is the time to be experimenting.  Its Wednesday and I have run 15 miles so far this week.  I still have at least my 8 mile run left and possible a 3 miler. 

I usually do my runs in the morning when its coolest.  The heat and humidity is often too much to even attempt to run in any later in the day.  But I have been finding myself getting *the itch* to run in the later afternoon or evening, even after I have already run earlier in the day.  This tells me that I must really have been having some great runs!  I love how I feel during and after.  I love getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. 

Which got me thinking.

 I am training for this half marathon which is in October.  I have been training for it for months now.  It has become such a big part of my life and my daily routine(with the help andsupport of my hubs) .  And I am enjoying it.  I like looking forward to the big day and doing my best to make sure I am ready for it.  But soon that day will be here.


What happens after the half is completed, all my hard work has paid off (this is all hopeful thinking that all will go as planned), and I leave with a medal and pride of steel?  Then what?  What happens when the weather here in NY gets cold, very cold, and it snows, almost every day where I live.  I am probably not going to love running in the freezing cold, or in the snow.  And I certainly do not enjoy it on the treadmill.  This training has taken so much time and determination.  So much effort.  And I absolutely love being on the training schedule.  That is something I have learned about myself along this health journey.  I do best when I have some sort of guidance and dont have to wing it. But what about when its done?  Then what?

For now I am going to live in the moment and enjoy myself.  But in the back of mind I am thinking about what I will do after the half marathon.  I guess I just dont want to feel "lost" when the half is over and the weather gets cruddy.  I like to have a plan.  Any ideas?


Shelley said...

Well, you do seem to like running a lot now - maybe the treadmill won't be so bad in the winter? And hey - if finances allow, plan for a winter destination race...Disneyworld?

Kristen said...

I have been asking myself the same questions...sorry i havent emailed you its been nuts here

Sue said...

Jen, I hear running in the Fall and winter is also invigorating!! Maybe you should consider rejoining the gym where you can use stationary bikes and different strengthening equipment. Go back to your Zumba, I wish I could! I'm so proud of you and miss you alot. You have finally met good friends and finally "finding you" again.

Kristen said...

my email is That was actually rock mountain in Inlet . talk to you soon!

Kelly said...

There are other things you could do - like biking, or classes at your local gym or Y. I'm sure you will think of something - bad weather doesn't stop me from getting a workout in, even though I do understand that you enjoy the outdoors a lot more.

Joy said...

I kind of like the change of seasons and activities. I find I do more classes and try new things in the fall and winter. Spring and summer are focus months for running, biking and other outdoor activities. I'm looking forward to the fall months, I want to try more Zumba and Yoga classes and maybe join a row team....Yeah!

Keep focused!

Desert Singer said...

Is there a place with an indoor track? Running inside the mall in the morning?

So happy you're 'in the groove!' :D

Christine said...

I know a friend here in NY that travels doing half-marathons and marathons. Her goal was to do a marathon in each of the 50 states. This year she finished her 50th marathon in the New York Marathon! My co-worker is a swimmer, and his goal is to swim in all of the existing Olympic swimming pools. He's been to Athens and Greece so far. Maybe you can motivate yourself by combining some travel goals like that?

Karen said...

Keep running on the treadmill as much as you hate it to train for a marathon!!!