Friday, September 2, 2011

10 miles and a virus?

I am so thankful that my 10 mile run yesterday felt so great!  It was my first 10 miler and after having several not so great runs in the past week I was pretty nervous. Its so hard to get out there and run again after a tough run, let alone several tough runs!  I decided I must have had some kind of virus.  I was sooooo tired for a few days there and my tummy was off.  And what I thought was allergies must have been a little virus because now the hubs is getting over the same thing.  So you can imagine how excited I was to get out there and NOT struggle during my 10 miles yesterday :)  I felt like a rockstar. 

I did something yesterday I didnt think I would ever do.  Laura and I headed out for her long run of 8 miles. At that point I wasnt sure I would continue on for my 10 miles.  We had our Gu and Power Bar energy gels (LOVE these), and a small handheld bottle of water.  We were thirsty and the water was gone quickly.  We kept going and I couldnt believe how thirsty I was.  I am not sure I have ever been so thirsty.  Maybe even desperate.  We were running along the lake where there are some pretty nice houses.  So many miles to go and no more water :(  So what did we do?  This little older guy was in his driveway and we stopped and asked him if he would refill our water.  I think we surprised him but he said to meet him at the front door.  He was talking to us for a minute and then his wife appeared wondering who the heck he was talking to.  Let me just tell you how good this very cold plain ole water tasted!  We were so thankful and we will surely drop a thank you card off into their mailbox within the next few days.

Now...this is not something I thought I would ever do.  My husband is a cop.  I watch Criminal Minds.  It wasnt the safest thing to do.  This is how people get killed.  I am aware.  But I was sooooo thirsty!  And I hoped that with one look at me he would realize we really were just thirsty, and not a threat.  We were sweaty, I had my ipod strapped on my arm, wristbands on my elbows to stop the sweat from dripping off me during the whole run (very annoying for me), the running outfit complete with a soaked discolored sweat mark under my boobs along my stomach.  I hoped we didnt look intimidating.  Whats so amazing is that after he gave us the water and we were chatting, he told us how his daughter and granddaughter are doing the same half marathon we are training for in October!  We totally picked the perfect house and we told them just that!  But I also believe that God had something to do with this :) Laura and I discussed that if someone came to our house for such a thing we probably would have been too scared and untrusting to help.   Yup, a thank you card is a must for these nice people!


Floriana said...

I might be too trusting, but I don't see anything scary or threatening in just asking someone for some water. Anyway, well done on your run. 10 miles is impressive!

Shelley said...

What a great feeling, to have such a wonderful 10 mile run. TEN MILES!!!! That is a long dang way!!! Nice job!

You did pick the right house to stop at. Interesting how it worked out with his daughter, etc., running the same least he understood what you were going through. I wonder if you don't need a fuel belt that holds several (2 or 4) water bottles for your long training runs?

Kelly said...

Jeez-Louise - 10 miles?? Girl, you absolutely rock! If someone knocked on my door asking for water, I'm not sure if I would do it - I think I'd be too nervous. Can't help it - I'm a paranoid NYer, u know? =)