Saturday, November 26, 2011

No hungries

Thanksgiving is over and now the tree is up.  I did some black Friday shopping which really was on Thanksgiving.  But my little girls benefited by me waiting in line.  They will have two brand new bikes with training wheels under the tree Christmas morning.  Well, maybe next to the tree.  I am not really sure how I feel about the new "let shop on thanksgiving night" thing.  Thanksgiving should be about giving thanks.  I think I sound more like my mother every day.

My family came into town on Wednesday and left this morning.  It was such a nice time like usual.  Although they are only two hours away I miss them a lot, as do my hubs and kids.  My mom cooked most of Thanksgiving dinner by herself, I am sorry to say :(  For those of you who have asked how my daughter is feeling...she is much better.  But now mommy has one heck of a chest cold.  I went to lay down for "a few minutes" on Thanksgiving and when I woke up it was over 2 hours later.   I am not a daytime napper.  My body doesnt really allow it.  So I must have been sick in order for me to actually fall asleep!  I can feel things loosening up in there today so I am hoping I am on the mend.

I am not sure if its the sickness or what but I havent had much of an appetite.  I mean, I have been eating my points, and did enjoy some dessert but the hungry thoughts are not there.  No hungries?  It was so odd and I cant help but wonder is this what people who do not have an intense love for food are like?  I mean, I ate.  I enjoyed it.  But it made me realize how different it usually is for me.  Its quite eye opening really.  I love food.  It is yummy.  Some people enjoy baseball, football, scrapbooking.  I enjoy food.  Same kinda thing.  I dont think  I have a bad relationship with food as I am not an emotional eater or anything.  I just really like food :)

Weigh day for me is Monday.  I think I forgot to mention that my last weigh in showed 189.3, a 5.3 lb loss for the week.  Still up 29 lbs from my lowest. Grr.  But it is what it is.  I have been going to the gym.  I havent gone since Wednesday and not sure when I can go again.  Going down/upstairs to do laundry or taking the dogs out is an out of breath experience with this cold.  What an awful feeling.  But on the upside it makes me realize that usually I am in so much better shape!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*It was nothing short of utter disgust when I was trying clothes on in the dressing room while black friday shopping.  Its great to know that I am working hard to get back to the smaller me who is much happier with myself.

Today I am thankful for :
*being able to spend the holiday with my family.

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Kelly said...

As long as we are working on ourselves and fighting like crazy to be healthy, then we haven't failed yet. And girl, I know all about disgust. Disgust for me was posting the photo of me after the Turkey Trot, and all I could see was my huge thunder thighs. Ugh. But we're still doing it, right? Chin up!