Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WI in results and no gym :(

While I was really hoping to feel betterenough to make it to the gym yesterday, it didnt happen.  Instead, my mom, husband, Laura and my boss GANGED up on me and demanded I go to the dr.  I almost fell over when I realized my hubs did this!  He is not really the type, so he must have been worried.  So, instead of the gym I ended up at the dr's office.  I am not a fan of dr's or how most of the healthcare system is run.  At least not the ones I have been to.  I have had some super sour experiences and now find that I will do most anything to avoid a trip to the dr.  Its mainly become a fear I have developed (says me with my handy dandy psych degree :)   So after waiting an hour in the waiting room and another 20 minutes in the actual room, the dr came in like a whirlwind and was out in less than 3 minutes I think.  The verdict?  Bronchitis (although she never told me this...I learned from the paper I left with) Apparently, its bad enough that I need an inhaler and steroids to accompany my antibiotics.  She said she should xray me but since she is treating me anyway theres no point.  Fine with me.  I had already spend enough time in that place.  I havent been able to talk in three days because of all the coughing I have done. Apparently my vocal cords and lungs and such are quite inflamed.  I prefer to say they are angry in there...    I have been sooooooooo tired.  Not like, oh I could use a nap, but more like if i dont lay down my body is going to stop working...dog tired.  Who made that phrase up anyway?  My dogs arent tired... Anyway...  I was disappointed when she said I needed prednisone (steroid) because I know it makes me hungry.  And it makes me unable to sleep.  Oh, and sweaty apparently(the hubs and kids were less than thrilled with the open windows and fans on today).  And I realized at the pharmacy that it is a higher dosage than I took back when I had some sort of reactive arthritis.  So, I was less than thrilled to say the least.   But at this point I am REALLY accepting that I do need medicine.  I started the antibiotics last night and the prednisone this morning.  Any doubt I had about starting it was erased when I got up this morning and could barely breathe while coughing :(   I was actually crying as I called my mom( because my mom can fix everything in my eyes).

So, today I am feeling a little better.  I think its going to be a longer road to recovery than I planned.  But I am realizing that getting better is what is important.  And I will do my best to eat well while STARVING on this medicine.    And I should be happy this is happening now and not last month before my half marathon.  See?  Isnt that me being a glass is half full kinda gal?

And the good news is........

Today I am thankful for:
*I lost 4.7 lbs last week!!!!!   184.6  I hope my scale was telling the truth.  The one at the drs was much meaner.  But arent they always?  Plus I had my shoes and coat on.  Lets call it the truth for now.  10 lbs in two weeks! 

Today's reason for losing weight:
*I went with the hubs to grab something he needed at his work.  I waited in the car with the kids.  As his coworkers were coming in and out I was hoping they didnt see me.  Then I realized that I am back to being ashamed of my weight.  Not a good feeling and I cant wait to lose it again!!


jack said...

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Mike said...

10lb in 2 weeks is awesome, good going.

Hope you feel much better soon.

Polar's Mom said...

Wow bronchitis-don't pansy around and take your medicine missy!!! You poor thing, I'm sorry that is upon you! Good news on the loss though!

jaylen watkins said...

Getting healthy again is very fine moment. That too without stress like doing painful exercises.

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Shelley said...

You poor thing, you've been really sick! Hope the meds kick in and you feel better soon...sorry you're having to take the evil pred, but it sounds very necessary in your predicament.

Bring Pretty Back said...

LOVED this post. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well.. also sounds like you need a new Dr. You found out what was wrong with you on the paper she sent home with you??? GEEZ! Congrats on your weight loss!! And loved the last part about being ashamed of having your husbands co workers seeeing you because of weight. NOT that I am happy you feel that way... but because I feel that way right now and it inspires me to keep losing weight.
HUGS and feel better soon!
Have a pretty day!

MaxBurn said...

I am feeling a little better. I think its going to be a longer road to recovery than I planned. But I am realizing that getting better is what is important. And I will do my best to eat well while STARVING on this medicine.

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