Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another little experiment (Jennifer)

I am full of experiments, huh?  I have been keeping track not just of my calories per day but also WW points to see how they relate.  I thought maybe it would provide some answers to my stall out on the scale.  No such luck.  But it really isnt that bad of a thing.  It shows that I am eating the way I should be!!!  Today's calorie intake was 1300.  In WW points it was 24...which is what I am allowed to their standards. 

I spoke to the trainer at the gym yesterday real quickly.  I told her about my plateau and how it has been 4 months now.  The first thing she said without asking any personal questions about weight, calories, etc, was:  "You need to change something".  Whether it is the intensity of my workout or what I am eating, something has to be changed to bump me out of this plateau.  I have been thinking a lot about that.  So today I went to the gym and did some newer things.  I did the treadmill for a mile at 6mph.  I also did this yesterday and both days I have been so suprised at just HOW tired I was after one mile.  Exhausted really.  I mean, I know I usually run at the 5mph range so this was an increase but I wonder if it was so much of an increase that would wipe the energy right out of me?  I usually run 2-5 miles and not this exhausted.  So I will make this my new challenge.  One mile at 6mph on the treadmill until I am *comfortable* doing it.   Anyway, then I got on the stair master.  And I really challenged myself as those stairs were rolling under me.  I did that for 10 minutes and got up to a pretty good speed by the end.  A challenge felt good.  Then........... I decided to get on this machine I have never tried.  I dont even know what it is called or how to explain it other than you sit in a kind of laid back position and you put your feet on the foot paddles in front of you and move them up and down like scissors.  You have to keep a constant speed or it clanks and such.   It was a clankin away.  So much the trainer came over probably to see what I was doing to this poor machine.  hehe.  It was the same trainer I talked to about my plateau.  She told me to up the intensity and I whined...outloud...and even said I couldnt.  She gave me the "dont give me that BS" look without any words.  Then it hit me.  THIS is what she means by upping the intensity to bump me out of my plateau.  So I did.  And sweat was dripping off the back of my hair onto my neck.  I loved it. 

Today's reason for losing weight:
* To be fit.  Fit enough to exercise at higher intensities without giving up!

Today I am thankful for:
*My mom who wrote the sweetest comment on my 5K post the other day.  It said:

Jen, I was SO proud to see you running by me, your father and the girls. You did it!!! What an amazing person you are, you set your mind and just DO IT!! You show your girls the right way to do things. I am bursting w/joy for you and your accomplishments in your life.

It means the world to me.  It also makes me realize how much good can come out of expressing positive thoughts and feelings to others.


Karen said...

Okay so as I was reading your post as you were describing the machine you never tried before....I was laughing out loud. Seriously, I was. I know exactly what machine (still laughing as I'm typing this) you are talking about. Here's what it reminds me of...getting in position for a well woman exam or in position to give birth. The first time I saw someone on that machine, that is what I thought of. Then I gave it a whirl and as I climbed on up (being short makes it a bit more difficult to get yourself up there) I started to attempt to do it and all I heard was clang, bang, crash. Well enough of that and off it I went. That was the one and only time I tried it. Couldn't quite get the hang of it and just didn't care for the position it had me in.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice that you have someone there to help you! Sounds like great advice. Get out of your comfort zone and step it up! Now, if I would only listen to that advice myself...

Bethanny said...

Hi! Nice to meet you. Love your blog and look forward to observing your journey. Good Luck!

Polar's Mom said...

What a sweet Mom!!! And talk about encouraging!!!

Can you do a circuit at your gym? If so I highly recommend it-FANTASTIC workout-great strength training and cardio. Talk about dripping with sweat.

Your trainer should be able to give you a rough outline of how long for stations and which machines you should use...

I used to do circuits when I trained, actually alot of athletes do them, because they are so intense. Good stuff.

Polar's Mom

jennifer said...

Hi Jennifer! It's so funny, I discovered your blog and was reading it before I went back to mine and realized you'd left a comment!
I think your blog is fantastic and your weight loss is so inspiring! I hope to be able to post some rockin pictures like that soon. Keep it up! And awesome time on your 5k, by the way.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I'm actually thinking about hiring a personal trainer very soon. I look forward to reading more about your journey! Cheers!

Christine said...

I completely agree. You need to change SOMETHING. But I would argue that you need to change something about your food. Changing up your exercise is fine and good, but I personally believe you'll see quicker and better results if you change up your eating.

I'd recommend changing your diet in the following way:

* Cut 10% of your calories. So if you're eating 1200 calories, cut out 120 of them, for a week or two.

* Eat more healthy-fats, such as nuts, avocados, and fish. And cheese.

* Steer clear of any sugar for a week or two. Not teeny tiny little candies, no sugar in that coffee. This isn't forever: just to kick your body's butt for a moment.

* Avoid any unnecessary carbs. Instead, have an extra serving of veggies. And protein!!!

* Make sure you're eating every 2 hours or so.

Those are just my suggestions. Good luck blasting through your plateau!

Corletta said...

I love your blog as well! How fun that you share it with other people. look terrific! I'm pumped to be a part of your journey to health!!! Keep up the good work :)

Cozy in Texas said...

Congrats Jennifer on your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. Your blogs always encourage me. I haven't been doing that great with exercise lately unless you count moving furniture around the house and mowing the grass. I hope this change works for you. I think WW points are about 50 calories.

Polar's Mom said...

Gave you an award-I think you already have it but I don't care... ;-)

Polar's Mom

Kimberlynn said...

Hi Jennifer,
I agree with your trainer. I think sometimes we get in a rut or get comfortable with what we're doing. Mix it up...alot!!! Are you still tracking and measuring?

Joy said...

Hi Jennifer,

We are in the same place!! Today my trainer kick it up a notch. Well OK she kicked my hiney!!! We did intervals on the treadmill. 3, 5, 7 & 10 incline and increased speed up to 3.7. I was sweating like crazy. I already know that dumb scale is going to move. She told me to do this every other day. So we will see how it goes!! I am at a low level on the treadmill. Usually walk with no incline around 3.4 speed.

Keep up the great work.