Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test.... (Jennifer)

The other day I blogged about how I had been cranky that day.  I went on a run and came back a new refreshed me.  Remember? I was surprised at so many comments agreeing with my new realization.   I decided to put this amazing new found knowledge to the test.  Could it really be an immediate bad mood buster????  Last night I hopped on the treadmill.  I thought, its later in the night, I am not a huge fan of running on the treadmill in general (I prefer outdoor running anyday) and I was kinda tired.  But, I knew I wanted to get the exercise in especially after having pizza for dinner.  I didnt really have a set distance I wanted to run.  I figured I would just see how things went.    3.1(5K) is what I ended up doing!  I was sweaty, into my music, watching HGTV on mute, and having a ball.   I was getting closer to the end of the 3 miles when I realized that I was very close to the time that I had done my first 5K race at:  33:33.  I challenged myself.  I really had to speed it up at the end, like 7mph(very briefly) or so but I did it.  I made a new 5K time for me:  33:10.  A few seconds isnt much, but its better!

Then today...the sun was shining and I thought it would be a great day for an outside run.  I wanted to see if I could keep this strech of "good" runs going.  We had things on the schedule but we worked it out and I managed a run.  I did have some excuses not to in the back of my head ready to take over but I stomped them out.  Soon it will be too cold and snowing and I wont be able to run outside.  I should take advantage now.  I planned on 2 miles since it would be my 3rd day running.  Off I went.  The first mile was the toughest part of the run but not nearly as tough as I have had in the past.  In the beginning I was thinking about how my legs felt tired beneath me and maybe my body is asking for a rest.  It made me thing of a previous post I did about my body asking for rest and then how it "thanked" me when I did.  Anyway, the legs were tired but I knew I would complete the 2 miles.  And as I was nearing the two mile mark I realized I felt GREAT!  Not only werent my legs tired anymore and my breathing was pretty good, but I realized I still had more in me.  I WANTED to do more.  Wow.  So I did.  I ran what I thought was close to a half mile and then turned and when back.  I traced my steps with the car later and realized I had done:   3.1!  Another 5k!  Boy, I really need to look into one of the Garmin GPS thingies.

So far so good.  After all of my last 3 runs I have felt amazing!!!!!!!!

Also, I have decided to stay away from the scale for a week from when I weighed last, which was Saturday.  I am finding it exciting waiting for the day to come with hopes my hard work this week pays off!

Today's reason for losing weight:
*Losing weight seems to be allowing me to experience new things.  In the past I would have been a "watcher".  I am now more of a "doer".  It feels good not to watch life go by from the sidelines.  I still have a ways to go with my confidence but so far I like the changes. It makes me a more active mother to my children too.

Today I am thankful for:
*Having found a form of exercise that I like.  I never thought the day would come....ever!  Running has changed my life.

Thanks for all your kinds words about our Sugar Marie.  She is the best!


dawne said...

I love it too. I so get it.

spunkysuzi said...

Today i got a small understanding of what your talking about :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is so cool! I'm excited to experience that myself!

Barbara said...

Great job on the running! That is a great time on the treadmill. I so run slower on the treadmill. Maybe you do, too! You really should get a Garmin and find out. I love mine!

Shane G. said...

I am not completely addicted to running yet, but I can see I am getting back there pretty quickly. I am so proud of you for having three good runs in a row!! You are doing fantastically! And I think that the waiting to weight will turn out good for you. I do it every two weeks, so I am guaranteed a loss no matter what. It is just a matter of how much. I do my part and the scale does its part!!

Christine said...

Running three days in a row is wonderful....I can't wait for my husband to be done work so I can start running more often.
Good for you for pushing past the 'I can't because of...' thoughts and getting out there.

You are an inspiration to be today after reading this because I have an opportunity to go running later and my mind is saying 'Oh you can't go because you need to prepare MORE for the party tonight!" but after reading your post I will be telling myself "Nope, a run it is and party prep will be done before my run!"...I have lots of time to get done what I need to this morning.

Jessica said...

Congrats on your recent great runs! And I loved your reasons for the day :)

KellyNY said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm looking forward to reading about your journey. I totally understand about the running thing. It helps to work out your aggressions or a bad day through running or working out in general.

P.S. - I'm in Long Island - what part of NY are you from?