Friday, October 22, 2010

Tomorrow (Jennifer)

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I have changed a bunch of things up this week, including not weighing myself at all.  I have always been a once a week weigher until a few months ago when I hit this plateau and decided maybe I need to hop on every day.  But I decided not to get on at all since my last weigh in last Saturday when the scale showed 164.  And I actually think it is better for me.  I just went on with my business eating the way I felt I should and exercising without worrying what the scale said.  And as far as the exercise went, less weighing seemed to be better for me.  It made me drive harder.  I felt like my efforts might make a difference.  It is frustrating to exercise and then get on the scale the next day and see no change.  Who wants to exercise when they feel it isnt make a difference?  At least that is what the Old Jen would have thought.  But if I exercise and not worry about the scale it makes me feel like I am making a difference.  A mind game, maybe, but if it keeps me happy exercising then so be it!

Today:  a 3.1 mile run before dinner.  I was feeling tired and didnt want to.  But with my new experiences that running actually make me feel better I did it.  And it did.  It cleared my head, energized me, and the chilly weather felt great to run in.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to wear jeans and not worry about the roll hanging over(I believe we are calling this a "muffin top" these days?  Very clever name :)   And I must say that I have made huge improvements in this area.  Part of it is wearing jeans that fit.  In the past I would have done just about anything not to go up a size.  I was probably a size 22 or 24 making myself fit into a 20.  The other part is that the roll is getting smaller!  That is one of my confidence things.  I like to be able to grab my waist and actually feel that I have one!!!!!!

Today I am thankful for:
*there was a dog on my run who really seemed to want a piece of me.  He came running full speed at me barking something fierce(as I continued to run).  All I could think of was how the owner once told me when we were walking our dog that their dog liked other dogs better than people.  He wouldnt let up and I thought a few times he was going to jump on me.  I am an amimal lover and hoped for the best and just kept running.  It seemed like he ran with me forever before he eventually stopped and continued barking from there.  In reality it was probably a tenth of a mile...hehe.  I am thankful I made it home with no teeth marks  or blood :)

*yes, another thankful moment....  Today I was in the store and I walked past a mirror and I actually thought my legs looked skinny!  Of course I had a puffy down vest on so maybe that is why...hehe.  But hey, it made me feel good.



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

So cool that you went running! That is so not me... YET! And being chased by a barking dog... that would be a bit scary. But you held your course and made it! Good for you. Still my hero!!


dawne said...

Fingers crossed!!!! xxxx

spunkysuzi said...

I think you'll have an awesome weigh in!!
Believe you me i still have a muffin top, but i'm working on it.
Glad you outrun that nasty dog.
Have a great weekend!

Lesia said...


Joy said...

Great job!! You out ran the dog!!

Keep up the great work!!


Christine said...

Good luck with the weigh-in tomorrow!!!!! Er, today I mean!

Jessica said...

Hope the scale treats you right...Mine hasn't moved for months...but we just have to keep going!