Monday, July 4, 2011

Another long run done!

We went to camp this weekend.  It was a nice time.  I had a 5 mile run on the schedule for Sunday morning.  My husband decided to come with me which I love.  Its amazing to me how much training I am doing to be able to go farther and farther every week and he just pops in on my long runs like its no big deal.  He has never been much of a runner but has been through a few police academies and I am pretty sure that has helped him.  He is a almost a foot taller than me so our paces are much different.  So when he comes running with me he runs at my pace.  He says if he was running at his pace he probably wouldnt be able to run longer distances.  I really enjoy his company when we get to run together.  We dont speak much other than me flailing my fingers in his face to tell him how many miles we are at.  We both have our earphones in (with very different choices in music...hehe) but just having him next to me makes the run so much better.  He is a man of few words.  After we pounded fists after the run I asked him what he thought of the run.  His response?  "It was good." we were at camp.  Where I have blogged before about  "that hill".  Its steep.  Nasty really.  I meant to take a picture of it but I forgot.  Anyway, we did the loop twice which means "that hill" twice.  The first time up it I had to walk for some of it.  I gave myself a minute.  And then I went right back to running.  The second time around the loop which was around 3 miles into the run, I figured I would really be struggling.  So I told myself not to look ahead at how far I had to go but to focus on the ground directly in front of me.  I took very small steps as I jogged.  To my surprise I made it to the top before I allowed myself to walk for a minute!  whoo hoo!  Those were the only two walk breaks I took during the run.  The hubs didnt need to walk at all.  Superman I tell ya...

When all was said and done the run ended up being 5.5 miles.  It was humid out and I was sweaty.  It felt good.  My hubby's shirt was drenched.  It felt great!  We went inside and had a protein drink.  I realized the other day that things really have changed when my three year old was talking to me about protein drinks...haha.  And just today my four year old told me that when she gets bigger she wants to run with me.  How stinking cute. 

I did a lot of walking this past week along with my many miles of running.  Which is a good thing because again, my food choices were less than stellar this holiday weekend.  But I am not going to dwell on it and I am going to move on.  I realize that I need to make better food choices and I am going to the store tomorrow morning to stock the fridge  :)  I have to keep reminding myself that good food choices will really maximize my results...both in running and in my weight loss journey.


Shelley said...

You attacked that hill exactly like you are supposed to - short, choppy steps! Great job, Jennifer - I'd say you are a natural when it comes to running!!!

Kelly said...

I think it's great that your husband joins you on your runs - cute!

debkhershberger said...

Congrats on that hill!! You go girl!! Attach that thing!! Slow and stead wins that race!!

Janey said...

Jennifer - I just logged onto your site for the first time - I'm very new to this "blogging thing"! Anyways I was reading some of your posts and I am a runner as well - did my first marathon last year - never would have thought that was in my sight! I'm so very proud when I see other women "stretching" themselves to reach for more for themselves! Awesome!
I noticed you were looking for a good protein source to refuel with - I use a number of great products that continue to help with performance as well as recovery. Do you want me to send you some information?

Kristen said...

aww it must be fun to have a run partner. yes I am doing the 10K at the casino

Jennifer said...

Janey- welcome! I would definitely love some more info on protein sources. My email is You will really love blogging. I started last year and it has been such a supportive thing for me. Not sure if you know but if you want to follow someones blog you go to the top of the screen and click on "follow". Then all the blogs that you are following will show up on your blog list for you to read at your convenience. Its great!

Congrats on your marathon! That is truly inspiring and I really look forward to anything that you can say to help me along the way!

Thanks so much!


cangi said...

Hey Jennifer! I sooo enjoy reding your blog posts! Just about 3 weeks ago, I started the c25k plan (started on week 3 though) and I am very impressed by the way that my body is responding to running!

I hope to become a longer distance runner in the future.

Check out my blog: