Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Birthday Surprise!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I got up and went for a 4 mile run with the hubs since my mom is in town and stayed with the girls.  It was so hot and humid and I hated every last second of it.  I ran a little faster pace than usual for me (avg 11 ish min/mile).  I was happy when we were done.  Here we are:
Before(we just got up!)

After- ewww, yet I loved it!

Then we made a plan to go to the waterfalls.  Its so pretty there and my mom has never been.  Here it is:
the top

Nana and the girls

Me and the hubs

Then we headed home for some yummy pizza and my bday cakes.  There were two.  We couldnt decide so we got both(and it now all makes sense)!  So when I got home I see cars in my driveway and streamers in the trees!  A surprise party!  For me?!!!  I was so excited and touched that I have such a wonderful hubby and friends.  Here's some pics:
This is what I saw when I pulled up!

I hung the balloons on the mailbox so people didnt think my house was vandalized...hehe.

I gotta say I am a little disappointed by the rollage going on in my midsection here... but hey....I am working on it.

My awesome buds!

So we hung out, had some pizza and cake.

This cake was too cool not to get...

Then we had some smores and the kids caught fireflies.

Then everyone left and the hubs and I enjoyed some time by the fire.

And here are some pics from my long 6 mile run on Sunday.  I kept the pace slow as the book says to do it and it was great.

This little frog was just sitting in the road...not moving even when I came toward him.  I knew a car would get him if I didnt intervene so I took his picture and then picked him up and put him in the grass :)

So there you have it!  That has been my last few days in the way of pictures!  Hope you are all doing well.


Christine said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
That was a sweet surprise from your husband!

Anonymous said...

Happy blated birthday! It sounds like the perfect one!

Shelley said...

Well Happy Birthday!!! What a fun thing, to have a surprise party!!!

Kristen said...

happy bday what a great day

Lesia said...

WOW look at you, you look fabulous. Happy birthday! Just stopped by to say hello. Smile. Great post!

Hannah Banana said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a fabulous one. And you look happy which is awesome!

Hannah Banana said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a fabulous one. And you look happy which is awesome!

Sarah said...

Happy Belated birthday! It looks like a great time. Your family is adorable and love the pics. Keep up the hard work!

MB said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Like fine wine, you are getting better and better with age. Love the happy sweaty picture. Rock on!

Karen said...

Hope you had a nice birthday, looks like you did!

Bring Pretty Back said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet hubby!
Have a PRETTY day!
Kristin said...

I'll have to remember that for my next birthday! Happy Birthday to you..looks like it was a great one!.