Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pushing myself

I have been in the habit of running regularly now for several weeks.   Before that I took a break partially because I am not a fan of treadmill running.  But really that was an excuse.  Before "my break" is when I first began running and even did my first 5k...and then did two more shortly after.  My normal runs were 2 or 3 miles with a 4 miler thrown in here or there but not very often.  My best 5k time was 30:38.  My timing nowadays for 3.1 miles is like 36-38 minutes. 

So that got me thinking. What the heck?  I have been running regularly (on a schedule even).  Miles and miles.  And yet my times arent even close.  Is it because the weather is warmer than it was at those times?  Is it just that I lost some of my pizaaaz along the way?  Am I not pushing myself hard enough to improve?   I decided that on my optional two mile run days (once a week) that I will work on speed.  Then it dawned on me that maybe I should use my treadmill to ensure that I am keeping a consistent speed and really pushing myself.  I guess I just figured that all these miles that I am building would increase my speed but I guess not.  Tonight on the treadmill I set it at 6mph (10 min /mile) and told myself I would do my 2 miles at that speed.  What a difference at this speed.  I burned 300 calories for two miles.  I even did 8 mph for the last minute! I was sweating like crazy.  It was drippiing off of me onto the treadmill.  Ewww...yet so exciting at the same time! I had pushed myself and it felt good even though I was really struggling during it.  Like I always say... no matter how I feel during a run I always feel great after! Here is a picture of me (Kelly style) after my two miles.

nope...thats not a necklace  :) 

Having said that...I have been reading my running books and because this is my first half marathon I should only be focusing on finishing and not on speed.  So as for my long runs I will do them at a very comfortable pace.  Plus, I want running to be enjoyable most of the time.  Most of the info I have read actually suggests you run slower than your normal pace on a long run.  Interesting. 

It seems that I have lost a follower.  This happens now and then and thats fine.  But I joked to myself that maybe it was because there was another ice cream lover out there who was in denial about my post yesterday!  hehe.  I tell you, I am still heartbroken having learned how many calories are in one of my favorite things  :(  



Kelly said...

OMG - this is my 2nd bloggy shout-out of the day! Squeal. I love, love love the sweaty pic! Jen over at wants us bloggers to email her our sweaty pics. I don't know if you read her or not, but I've sent her mine already.

Kelly said...

P.S. You look beautiful post workout! Did you say you went 8MPH? Holy moly lady! =)

Jessica said...

Love the pic :)

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

6mph... WOW that is fast girl! I push just to 4.5 and usually just run at 4. I like the idea of working on speed 2 of the days. I love how I feel after running as well. You go girl!!


Shelley said...

You are doing great with your training - it's summer, after all, and you naturally slow down with the heat. If you really want to run faster, try some speedwork at the track. BTW, I hated speedwork. Which might be why my average pace was about 11:30, lol. But hey, like the book says, you are just trying to finish the dang half, not set any records!

KKA said...

Because you and I have the same birthday haha I am going to follow--but apart from that I love your blog--keep posting it helps me as well!!