Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kelly wants more sweaty pics

Since I did my 2 mile run last night I figured I would wait until tomorrow morning to do my 4 mile run.  I prefer to run in the morning outside.  But tonight my hubs said he was going to work out and I decided it would be fun to hang with him.  Plus I figured I could get the run "out of the way" and not have to worry about getting it done in the morning.  So I hopped on the treadmill.  I did two miles at 6.5 mph and then a mile at 5mph.  The last mile I went back to 6 mph until the last minute when I did 8mph.  I was sweating something fierce.  Kelly wants more sweaty here they are.

Of course the last two pictures were taken after I caught my breath and could stand in an upright position again!   It was a tough run.  I pushed myself again.  Its just who I am I guess.  Its easier to push myself on the treadmill because there are numbers staring back at me.  When outside I use the garmin watch but unlike the treadmill my speed varies minute to minute.  Todays run was 4 miles in 41:55.  605 calories burned according to the treadmill.  But in all seriousness, while its nice to push myself once in a while I found that I really wasnt enjoying the run.  Going that fast too often is just too much for me.  I am more of a 12 minute mile girl (5mph).  That is my comfort zone and I can enjoy the run at that speed.  Today I couldnt wait for the run to end.  So, I will keep my speed workouts limited to my once a week two mile run. 

After my run I knew I needed some sort of protein.  I had already consumed my calories for the day.  But I am learning just how important recovery is, especially when you push yourself.  So I asked the hubs to share one with me.  Here's what we had:

Its one of the bigger ones I have tried and therefore had more calories and protein.  But since we split it that was fine.  However, while I enjoyed the taste of it initially, the aftertaste was awful.  I will not buy this one again.  In the second pic I stuck some of the other samples I am trying out.  I have tried a few different protein drinks and  have found some really tasty ones.

Well, thats it for tonight.  Hopefully I can sleep.  It seems that when I run at night I usually have a hard time sleeping.  I wonder if thats common?


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your sweaty run! I ran into your blog from a shout out on kellyislosingweight and I love it! I am having some difficulty staying motivated myself and starting up physical activity, and I am completely inspired by your dedication and your story. How did you start out running? Just by yourself or in a group?

Anyways, just thought I'd say HI and thanks for some motivating thoughts :)BTW-I loved your "benefits of running" post.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Wow... you really kick butt! Seriously!
I think it's common to be riled up a bit when we exercise at night. I was just talking to a friend tonight because we played basketball and she said that when she play late, she doesn't get to fall asleep until like 1 am. I guess it's hard for the body to calm down after a work out. :)


Chubby McGee said...

Darn, girl! You look fantastic! Way to go! (new follower here)

Kelly said...

Holy moly - 605 calories?! Dang Jennifer - & you don't consider yourself a runner?! C'mon now. =)

debkhershberger said...

And you say youre not a runner!?!?!? I say, YES YOU ARE!!! You go girl!!!

Joy said...

Way to go on pushing yourself. I either need to get new glasses or pay better attention. I thought you wrote you ran 65 miles per hour. Wouldn't that be amazing!!!

Keep focused!

dawne said...

Awesome run Jennifer. I can't wait to do some longer distances again and see the high calorie burn.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run!!!!

Christine said...

Congrats on your great workout! Keep up the good work!