Friday, July 1, 2011

Still at it...

I am still at it.  3.5 miles today.  I received two of the three running books that I ordered.  I am in the middle of Jeff Galloway's "Half Marathon:  You can do it".  Its a good book but I find myself lost sometimes and having to go back to understand it.  It would be so much easier if I could just *see* how to do the drills.  But overall I am learning a lot of interesting things.  Like walk breaks... I dont take walk breaks but he makes it sound like it is actually better for you to do so and will actually improve your running.  So, its good to know that I can if I want to and I will play around with this "run, walk, run" technique in one of my shorter runs and see how it affects me.  Also, he says that for a first half marathon I should NOT concentrate on time at all, but instead to concentrate on finishing.  I wish I could get that through my stubborn head.  I dont really consider myself competetive, only with myself I guess.  For those of you who have done half marathons....did you walk at all?   Also interesting is that his training schedule is different than the one that I am following (Hal Higdons).

My eating has been better.  I wont say perfect, but better.  I am trying to find that happy medium between what I should eat and how I was eating while also incorporating protein drinks into my calorie allowance.  But it feels good to know that running is surely only helping the shape of my body.  I went back into my old journal that I used when I was calorie counting.  I realized very quickly that I probably hit a plateau because I was eating a lot of the same things day after day.  I am working on changing it up so my body doesnt get bored.

I havent been on the scale since my huge gain the last time (15lbs!).  But between TOM finally coming and my improved eating my body is already feeling so much less bloated and nasty.  Now thats a good feeling :)  It amazes me that I was so unhappy with myself that I couldnt get below 160 and now that I am over 175 I wish I could be 160 again!   Its one of those little lessons learned.  I need to learn to accept and appreciate the little successes along the way.

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Here is a picture of our Sugar boating :)

watching her daddy!


Shelley said...

I have that Galloway book and it got a little technical for me.

I did end up walking during my half - the temps were over 80 degrees and really humid when we started, and it was just so stinking hot that after about mile 6, I ended up taking some short walk can plan all you want for the perfect race, but weather conditions and how your body is doing when you woke up that morning can throw a kink into the plan. So YES, the best thing to do is to just concentrate on finishing the race (with a smile on your face, like Jeff G. says) - that alone is a huge accomplishment. :)

Kaylen said...

You are doing awesome!!! So inspiring!
I lost 40 lbs last summer - it felt so good, so freeing, so "right" - but I really slipped....and over the last 8 months, I managed to gain back 30. Grrr. And now I feel like a slug. Boo. I hate slugs.

Back to walking, building my way up to some runs someday I hope!

dawne said...

With your mind focused on running, you're in a good space! I love the feeling when I know I'm getting smaller. I'm sure the scale will reflect how you are feeling.

Desert Singer said...

I've read up on the Galloway method and am a believer. I really can't start running until I'm under 200 lbs, but I don't think I'll ever 'just run' without the walk breaks. It is impressive to me that the injury percentage (I think I read on his website) is so low with the Run Walk Run method.

And yes, it just about doing it. Enjoy the journey (says the girl who came in dead last walking at her first 5K). But hey... My name was published along with all the record breakers... at least I wasn't one of the anonymous participants *LOL*!!

Kelly said...

You'll get back to where you were weight-wise soon enough, just don't feel rushed to get back there! It will happen naturally as long as you continue to make good food choices!

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