Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well that explains it all...

I have posted about how I have been enjoying a lot of ice cream this summer.  And on some days I even got two :(  Yup.  Sometimes at different times in the day, and sometimes right after I finished the first.  I guess I didnt see the harm in it.  If I ever buy ice cream at the grocery store I always buy the light 90 calories per serving stuff.   That way if I eat two servings its not the end of the world.  I guess I never realized the damage I was doing by frequenting these ice cream parlors(and there have been many). 

Until today.

I had a conversation with my mom a few days back, and then the same conversation with my husband on another day, about my recent and sudden weight gain. They each suggested to me (separately) that it was all the ice cream I have been eating.  I thought no way!  Until today.  I went to an online calorie website and saw that one of my favorite types of ice cream (mint chocolate cookie) has a whopping 260 calories per 1/2 cup serving!!!!!!!!!


Well that explains it all.  Let me make it a little more clear.  When I go for ice cream I dont get a little cone with a small amount of ice cream.  No.  I get the big waffle cone with chocolate and sprinkles on it, in size large which easily has a full cup to a cup and a half of ice cream on top of that bad boy.  Oh...and sprinkles.  Cant forget those.  The waffle cone alone apparently has 160 calories in it!   OMG!  No wonder I have put on 15 darn pounds!!!!!  

If I calculate it right, a full cup of ice cream (and I am sure many of my cones had more than a cup) in a waffle cone with sprinkles is.....700 calories. 

Is there really anything left to say?


Other than I expect to see a drop in my weight with the removal of ice cream from my diet on a daily basis!  I will leave this tasty treat as just that...a treat, as in once in a while.  Can you imagine my weight gain if I hadnt been running?!!!

Lesson learned.   Did you all know this or am I the only naive one?   I feel almost heartbroken!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Why on Earth can't ice cream be calorie free? I don't understand.

Karen said...

Who knew ice cream had that many calories? I didn't. Maybe that's why I gained so much weight when I was pregnant with Shaylin. I think I got one cream a day for at least 2 months. Okay maybe not one every day but at least 5 a week! Ice cream should be good for you and low in calories...after all it's dairy! Well thanks for the lesson.

Enz said...

Ice cream is a trigger for me, I can't have half a cup...well I can, but then I go back for a second half cup and then a third...and then cookies and then....it just triggers a sugar binge every single time. More than any other food.

I recently started making my own "ice cream" using fat free Greek yogurt, maple syrup, mint extract and mini chocolate chips...oh my goodness...creamy deliciousness with harldy any fat (just some from the chips) and hardly any sugar and tons of protein.

It's the best replacement I've ever found for the real thing.

Juliana said...

I knew:( and it makes me cry. Because I <3 ice cream! I acutally have been getting So Delicious non dairy Ice cream bars from the store (made iwth coconut milk) they only have 90cals and 11grams of sugar. I make sure to eat one after dinner only! They are so goood!!!

Shane G. said...

yeah cream has fat and fat=calories. I am a huge fan of the non fat frozen yogurt at Braums! I alternate itty bitty waffle cone and getting it in a cup.

tomorrow I go back to cataloging my calories and getting back to running hopefully, even if limited basis at first. wish me luck!

Shelley said...

Yeah, I knew. :(:(:( But I've been a calorie counter for a long time, and I am in the habit of looking up everything. Now, if I actually heed those calorie warnings, well, that's another thing, lol!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

It's so unfair! Why does something so good have to be so high in calories?

Well... you better cut back girl! Set a limit (like once a month)... you gotta do what you gotta do, cuz you are WORTH that!

How's your training for your 1/2 marathon going?


*Whitney* said...

I LOVE me some ice cream, too. I really like the Skinny Cow ice cream cups. It's already measured out and is only 150! Can't beat that!

You left me a comment on my blog about planks. Since I just started I'm only aiming for a minute. The first minute was fine, but the second time around I was feeling it! LOL

Becca said...

Sad! That is a huge amount of calories. We have a local frozen yogurt place here that has a vegan frozen yogurt option...I bet that is much better for you, but still gives you the parlor feeling. Of course, it's flavors that aren't creamy or heavy. Good luck on cutting back! You can do it!