Saturday, December 10, 2011

38.6% body fat :(

Today my legs are still sore but nothing like I was yesterday.  Whoo hoo!  I can actually sit and stand up from sitting without grunting or holding on to something.  I worked upper body yesterday and I am little sore today but nothing like my lower body was. 

I was out of clothes options today and was forced to wear my size 12 jeans(really I should be in at least a 16 right now).  They are snug but not as bad as they were recently.  I am so excited to see where this program will take me.  I have such hope and faith!  Before bed last night I sat down with the computer and did some more research on the Body for Life program.  While there are some negative comments as there will be for any given thing in life, I kept my focus on the positive comments to maintain my excitement and enthusiasm about the program. 

Today is my "free" eating day.  I have chosen Saturdays for free days.  I have had this breakfast sandwich from Burger King on my mind for a week now.  So I figured I may as well indulge (as recommended) and have it.  I made a little mommy daughter time out of it and brought the girls out to breakfast as a treat.  We dont do it often.  It was nice to be with them, but much to my surprise I was not as hungry as I thought I was, and it wasnt nearly as yummy as I thought it would be.  I am still super excited about this.  They said it would happen but I didnt believe it.  Maybe my body is adjusting to my new clean eating style.  Which, by the way, my tummy is quite happy with :)   Thats a big deal for someone with a less than kind digestive system.

The girls had a bowling party to go to today.  I was so excited that none of the snacks were calling my name.  I had a few bites of pizza and a cake pop (they are very little) and there is no interest in eating anything else right now.  I am really enjoying this satisfied feeling in my tummy.

 I ordered this fat analyzer thingy and it came in the mail yesterday.  Its a very accurate way to measure your percentage of body fat.  And I really wanted to be able to measure by something other than the scale.

  I took it out immediately and checked my stats.  Ugh.  Disgusted. 

38.6% body fat (should be 25-31% for women to be in the acceptable category...lower to be considered fit)  I am in the OBESE category.  Ummm....38.6 is like almost half.  So half of my body is made up of fat.  Nice...  ugh.

32.6 BMI. (should be less than 25)

I am glad to have this tool to be able to measure my progress.  The hubs came in from work and I immediately handed it to him to do his stats.  19%.  Men....   (his should be between 15-25%)

Along with this tool I also had the hubs take before pictures on day one of Body for Life.  I had on just my bra and underwear.  Boy.....if that dont tell the hard truth.  If I wasnt so embarassed I would have it printed out at walmart and hang it on the fridge.  But I dont dare...  Maybe WHEN my results are so awesome I will do it and maybe even share.  I hope that comes!!!  For now it will sit on my camera.


Polar's Mom said...

I also notice how happy everything feels when I eat better-heartburn is non-existent, as is gas and cramps...After those cupcakes I thought I would shit my insides out-turns out my body was not real happy with me!
You know better than to compare yourself with any man, bastards just got lucky in the genetics department. I had to watch hubs scarf down two massive bowls of spaghetti with everything in there, a pack of pudding cups and cool whip, half a bag of gummy worms, and half a bag of ruffles. Got up the next morning at the same weight he was the day before...and he didn't work out a lick!!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

How does that analyzer work? You should write a blog about it and what its called, it sounds really interesting!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I did Body For Life before my tummy tuck and got to my lowest weight and felt the best I ever did.

Monicalatour said...

New to your blog, I have lots to loose as well and am on a journey of a life time.. One thing i have learnt from the hole ordeal and seeing numbers i don't want to see.. We see them now, but Those numbers are not staying there.. If we keep doing what we are doing.. Those numbers are going to drop in no time :).... Treat days, took me forever to actually allow my self to do.. Now I have them.. And You really start to appreciate them However, like you said after you eat them or while your eating them you just keep thinking dam this isnt as good as i was thinking all week lol, IT happens, but what i'v learn to do with my treat days i choose something that i KNOW i love.. that i can't have everyday, This way here it makes it Worth it in some sense but not in other :)

I'll be following or blog! :)

SG said...

sometimes ignorance is bliss :-) but it will feel good when that percentage starts to drop. dont ya love the free day??? mine was yesterday. and i enjoyed every minute of it!