Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 2 of Body for Life

I have committed to the Body for Life 12 week challenge.  Its no surprise to me that I do well on a structured program.  I did well on Medifast a few years back.  And I maintained a lot of my loss.   I trained for that half marathon.  I believe I was capable of that because there was a structured schedule to follow which led me to success. 

Body for Life excites me.  It makes sense.  It seems to combine what everyone has been attempting to tell me about nutrition and exercise over the years, yet its structured and laid out in a way I understand(something I never thought possible).  Six meals a day with a regimented exercise program is good.  And a free day once a week. 

Yesterday the hubs and I did lower body.  I am feeling the results more and more as the day goes on today.  I love knowing my work paid off!  We did all the exercises with dumbbells and a stability ball.  Today was 20 minutes of cardio.  Even cardio is laid out in a  20 minute routine explaining where your intensity should peak, regardless of what exercise you choose.  Today I did a very inclined walk on the treadmill.  I was sweating something fierce.  The point is to make your short 20 minutes count.  Tomorrow will be upper body. 

Right now its all still new.  I am learning what weights and exercises work for me, and which foods I like best.  For breakfast, I had some egg whites with a piece of turkey bacon on a whole wheat bagel thin...with a tiny bit of cheese.  For mid morning snack I had a half a cup of cottage cheese mixed with a fat free yogurt.  Much to my surprise I love this combo.  For lunch, a whole wheat wrap with grilled chicken and spinach, and just a tad of light dressing to spice it up.  And lots of water every day.  About a gallon.  I dont have a problem drinking that much.

So here I am on day 2 of 84.  I am  1/42 of the way done :)   But truly I expect to come out of this a changed person with changed habits.  I have read the book cover to cover and done my share of independent  research.   It takes a lot for me not to skeptical.  I expect the beginning is supposed to be the hardest part.  Its something new.  The results dont show for a while.  It can be hard to stay motivated.  Yet, I am still excited. 

Today's reason for losing weight:
*Although I have never gotten to my actual goal weight, I have had a taste of being pleased with my results (in the past).  I cant wait to walk around with that feeling again.

Today I am thankful for:
*my excitement and confidence that this Body for Life plan is going to change my life.  Dramatic?  Maybe a little, but hey...its who I am.


SG said...

i am so excited for you! isnt the free day the best?? i was very very skeptical that a free day would actually not ruin my weigh in. i love the free day.

SG said...
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Polar's Mom said...

I think that is a great plan...don't get me wrong I did really well on Medifast, too, but I am not sure it is possible to keep all that weight off. Everyone I met who was on Medifast gained at least 5% of it back, I think it is the structure of the plan-high protein, low everything one can live on that forever, and shouldn't for physical and sanity sake anyway!
I am very excited for you, and eager to see how awesome you do! I feel more of a workout with my 20 minute Jillian Shred DVDs or 20 minute HIIT or circuit workouts than 60 minutes on the elliptical...way to go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard great things about the Body for Life program, good luck to you, can't wait to follow you on your journey!!!


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