Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 9 Body for Life and Week 1 results

My week one results are okay, but I would have liked to have done better. But hey, I am glad I lost. I am just used to week one losses being larger.  Plus its that time of the month for me and I feel so huge and bloated. I drank a ton of water yesterday and it didn’t seem like much came out... so I am hoping I am just retaining and next week will be better.
I have also realized that I have been eating too much.  My portions are bigger than they are supposed to be I think.  This plan is not cut and dry as far as serving size.  A protein serving is the size of your open palm, width of a deck of cards.  Um, does this include just your palm or fingers too?  These are things a girl who loves food needs to know!  Carbohydrate servings are the size of your closed fist.  But some info I found said 1 cup for liquid but most serving sizes are 1/2 cup so I dont know. This week I am going with a little less and I will see what happens.
Starting weight: 190.6  
Today’s weight: 187.2
Loss: 3.4 lbs

Starting body fat %- 38.6%
Today’s- 38.2%
Loss: .4%

Starting BMI: 32.6
Todays BMI: 32.2
Loss: .4
The hubs and I did upper body last night.  I pushed myself.  It felt great.  I love working out with the hubs.  Even though we are doing our own thing its so nice to have him there.
Today's reason for losing weight:
*being able to walk into a store and pick something off the rack and know it will fit.
Today I am thankful for:
*most of my gift wrapping is done.


Kelly said...

Jennifer, a loss is a loss. I think it was a great first week for you! Just continue what you're doing and the weight will come off. =)

SG said...

that is an awesome LOSS!!!! and if you say my comment on your last post you WERE still probably retaining a little from free day?? that is a great number. own it sister!!!

Shelley said...

I think losing nearly 3.5 pounds in a week is AWESOME - you did great, Jenn!

Leesa said...

One thing that really helped me with portion size was weighing my food and tracking my calories with so I knew what my daily calorie intake was each day. It was a true lifesaver for me and helped me lose 50lbs. It is amazing how small servings really are compared to what we think they are. I realized that my serving of peanut butter was actually more like 2. Wow!

You are doing great! Keep it up :)

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

That is an amazing loss you should be very proud of yourself.
For myself personally I use a scale to weigh all of my food in ounces. Sometimes I use measuring cups but my scale is the holy grail for myself. Like for my dinners I try to eat 4-5 oz of protein (meat), 2/3 cup of veggie and maybe a side of 1/4 cup of rice or potato. Most time I just opt for my protein & veggie.

Anonymous said...

That's a fabulous loss for being the week of your cycle...dang! I'm jealous!!!!


Big Butt said...

well done. 3.5 pounds is agreat loss and its heading the right way that counts.
I sometimes fail with portion size to as I love my food. Well done to you x x

Debby said...

3 1/2 lb loss is amazing!!!! Be proud and celebrate!!!!!!!

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