Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week one-still going

Hello All.  Just a quick post today :).  One week in and I am down 12 lbs.  I am rather shocked by that, although I am sure it is mostly water weight.  I continue to limit my sugar intake, and I am taking in mainly carbs that are complex(some fruit, wheat bread, yogurt, etc).  And as I posted the other day, the most *miraculous* thing so far is that my appetite and cravings seem under control.  I am not calorie counting, or following any specific diet.  I am just listening to my body and trying to be more active.  I eat when my body says its hungry, but yet not ravenous to eat junk like usual.  Its a totally different kind of hungry.  I have used the treadmill a few times for 30 minutes and have done mostly walking with an alternating running(not jogging).  I know this one minute segment of running is what is helping my lungs and body to build endurance.  I feel like I am going at this pretty slow and taking this as another learning lesson.

I am currently reading a book about food addicts.  I will give more info about it when I get further into it.  But so far, it makes an awful lot of sense and makes me look at this journey differently.  I think I am battling a sinus infection and cant seem to taste or smell anything today, or yesterday.  I do feel better than yesterday, but if tomorrow isn't a ton better it may be a trip the the Dr for some antibiotics. 

Hope all is well. I will check in again soon.



Anonymous said...

OMG 12 pounds!!! I am so proud of you!!!


Jac said...

Water weight, schmater weight. That's still 12 lbs your body doesn't have to carry around, no matter where it came from! Plus the initial losses are great motivation to continue! Have you ever seen that idea with two glass vases, one empty and one filled with glass stones - one for every pound you want to lose? When you lose 12 lbs, you move 12 stones from the "To Lose" vase into the "Lost!" vase as a visual reminder of how much ass you're kicking. :)

Shelley said...

Wow, Jennifer - 12 pounds down is fantastic!!! Really shows how much you've changed what your're doing...for the better. Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

12 pounds. Wow. Just came across your blog and have only just read the current post. Will read some more.

The Constant Battle said...

New to your post...That is AMAZING!!! Whatever you are doing is working. I look forward to seeing more progress!

Jessica said...

Awesome job! I am going to weigh in Saturday morning, and I am hoping for a 1 lb loss:) 12 pounds...WOW :) Keep up the good work!