Monday, January 14, 2013

The buffet

I have done well eating all week...almost effortlessly.  My appetite seems under control, and I don't seem to have many cravings.  I exercised last week on the treadmill doing various intensities, each session lasting 30 minutes.  My parents were in town this weekend which is always great.  I love when they come.  My dad has been doing a lot of work on my new house, along with hubs.  So the hubs wanted to treat them and took us all out to dinner.  A buffet.  And I was TOTALLY fine with it.  I ate well and not many things tempted me.  Usually a buffet is a gorging event for me.  So many choices, in unlimited quantities!  A fat girl's dream!   After my main meal, I decided to allow myself some dessert.  I had worked hard for almost two weeks of cutting sugars out and eating only healthy carbs.  It was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed it.  I limited myself.  I FELT IN CONTROL of my eating.  I ate dessert in moderation and left the restaurant ( a buffet mind you) without feeling totally stuffed, yet satisfied.  This little success may seem minuscule to some but is very important to me.  

I have had a bit of sadness in my life lately.  I just lost my aunt to cancer right before Christmas.  I have several other relatives who are sick(hospice involved) and/or not doing well.  It is taking a toll on me, and especially on my mother who is watching her close loved ones die.  My mom is my rock.  Its hard to see her sad and upset.  So I decided its a good time to bring back the "Today I am thankful for...." section to my blog.  Readers always seemed to enjoy it and remembering at least one positive that happened is a great frame of mind to get myself into..  And along with that I will also bring back "Today's reason for losing weight..." to my blog. 

*Today I am thankful for:  my husband.  He is a great team player in this marriage.  Most of the things around the house are shared chores.  There aren't many "man chores" or "woman chores" in our house.  He cooks sometimes.  I paint sometimes.  Sometimes he does laundry, sometimes I take out the trash.  He may be superdad while I stack wood.  When the kids were small he changed diapers, washed bottles, etc.  He does laundry, but is also quite the handyman.  Really, he just steps in and we get things done. He's a big manly guy at 6'3" yet a warm fuzzy when I need him to be.  Here I am talking about him and he doesn't even read my blog to know about it!

*Today's reason for losing weight:  Apparently the girls at work are doing weigh ins every Monday at work.  None of them are big in my opinion, yet they all seem to think they are.  I can relate to that because when I was 160 (my lowest weight) I still wasnt happy with how I looked (are we ever??) I heard them say they are all within 5 lbs of one another.  I am guessing I am at least 80 lb more than them.  Now THAT makes me look at my size and weight quite differently. I felt like an outcast fat girl again :(  I will say that I work with very sweet ladies and there is no negative feelings among any of us.  My feelings of being an outcast are clearly my disgust with myself. 



Desert Singer said...

:-) Good Good!! My 'himself' sounds similar to yours... not quite as tall, but cooks sometimes, does laundry sometimes, does dishes sometimes, and can fix anything - and he's a tech-wiz too... and he doesn't read my blog either ;-)

Sounds like you're having a great week!! WOOT WOOT!! :-)

Karen said...

We do have good hubbys, don't we?? Good for you on the eating out part. Yay! I'm glad it wasn't super hard for you. Way to go Jen!

Anonymous said...

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