Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is healthy?

When I signed into blogger I noticed I had one less follower then when I posted the other day.  I usually don't pay much attention to the number but notice it now when I log in.  But I am not bothered, which is odd because I tend to be a sensitive person.  The way I see it is that this is my journey.  It may not be inspiring to people when I am coming back after putting ALL my weight back some.  I am not running half marathons and losing weight regularly yet.  I am not posting about my accomplishments or how great things are going (yet).  But this is my reality right now.  My struggle.  My journey. And I accept it...because otherwise I play the denial game and would continue to get bigger and bigger.  Of course I want to be inspiring to others through this blog.  But....Life isn't always easy, and its not REAL if I only post about the good things.  I am not perfect.  Life isn't always perfect.  There are bumps in the road, and obstacles that stand in our way.  Some are bigger than others.  Its what we do when we get to those bumps and obstacles that matter.

Speaking of perfect, I have been thinking about what my actual goal is(again...sigh).  I was down to 160 lbs at one point a while back,  and that was still considered overweight for my height and frame.  Yet for me, I do believe I was happy at that weight.  I felt good.  My body felt good.  I wore a size 10(even with the Fupa).  When I ran my half marathon I weighed about 180 lbs.  Again, I felt good.  My weight a bit higher, but there is no doubt I was somewhat fit.  I ran for 13.1 miles straight!  I am still in awe of that.   At any rate, I know lots of people who ARE at their ideal weight, yet they don't exercise an ounce, or they smoke, or eat like garbage, drink lots, etc.  And sometimes I am jealous that they don't have to think about exercise, or every single thing they put in their mouth and how it will affect their weight and pants size.   But I have learned that its one thing to look healthy and its another thing to BE healthy.  I learned the other day when I tried to run at 240 pounds, that I WAS healthy back then.  I see now that it took great endurance, stamina, and strength to run that half marathon. I WAS healthy, even if I was still overweight according to some chart.

One of my greatest accomplishments was that half marathon in October 2011.  And before that, it was my first 5K, and then my first 10K.  These experiences changed my life.  They showed me what I am capable of if I just put my mind to it. They showed me that I can be fit and wear cute clothes.  They showed me I can be confident and proud of myself.  Now that I am back at square one(or maybe even behind that).  I cant even run a half of a mile without stopping and being so uncomfortably out of breath, I realize and appreciate just how fit I was.  This is a HUGE lesson learned for me.  Putting the weight back on stinks, and having to redo all my hard work to get it back off stinks, but figuring things out in my head and learning from them is priceless.

On that note, I have felt in control of my eating and plan to incorporate some exercise very soon.  I am in the right mindset, finally.



Jessica said...

I felt my best at 160...which would be considered overweight by most standards! But to me, it is my perfection!
* And don't worry too much about losing the follower...maybe someone just deleted their blogger account.

Jac said...

Some people are inspired by bloggers who seem to effortlessly drop big numbers, maintain with ease and never hit a speed bump. NOT ME! That doesn't inspire me, that discourages me, because I am one of the 99% who have at least SOME regain, and deal with the emotions that go along with that. Regaining sucks, yes. But the desire to stay strong, to do the hard work all over again and be successful - that is inspiring. I'll keep following along as you head back down the scale again, and get back to that point of fitness and confidence you had before. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am a "lurker". I think I put your blog on my google reader a couple of years ago as I searched for Medifast info. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate very much that you came to post about your setbacks and about getting remotivated. I am in the exact same boat..went from 255 to 174 ...I looked great even though it's a high number and I did a triathlon. It's was a wonderful time in my life. Now I am back where I started and it's so hard to face the world. Just wanted to offer support for your courage to post and you must know that so many people are in the same boat. :-) Perrin

The Fat Farm Girl said...

I'll take that reader's place :)

Body Building said...

Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life. Diet is often referred to as some dietary regimen for losing weight.

Teyie said...

I started at 275 and worked my way to my lowest at 183. I could tell that there was a difference in my body (I was running 5ks and loving it!), but I heard that voice telling me I simply wasn't good enough yet. Eventually, my weight skyrocketed back up to where I had started.

Upon reflection, I don't think I was able to accept that, even after losing so much weight, I'd be the same person. I put so much pressure on myself to have perfect willpower and drive. There's this fallacy out there that after losing weight, you become a different, better person who makes different, better choices.

It's still me under all this extra weight. It will always be me with my same hang-ups and weaknesses. The biggest challenge isn't eating healthy or working out - it's accepting that I'm human and will falter sometimes and that's okay.

I'm sorry for the book. I just truly appreciate your honesty about your journey. This post was something I needed to read; I'm so glad to be a subscriber.

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Nutrition Tracker said...

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