Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sugar and feeling in control

It feels great to be "back"!!  Its no secret I have experimented with several different diets and methods to lose weight.  I have no regrets along the way because essentially I have learned what works and what doesn't work.  And that is so important in this journey!

One of the plans that I did was Body for Life.  It focuses on certain exercises paired with an eating plan.  I bought the book and that was about it.  There was nothing else to buy. And I didn't even need to buy the book because its all readily available online, for free even :).   The plan focuses on eating properly, and gives a pretty specific list of foods that can be eaten.  It teaches what complex carbs are and how they should be paired with a protein.  You do the plan for 6 days and get one free day.  Its a rather restrictive eating plan, however, the main thing that I learned from this plan was that it really controlled my appetite.  This is the only plan of the many, many plans that I have tried that was able to control the beast( aka: my appetite) and almost totally took my cravings away.  I know that my appetite and cravings are my main issues in this journey.  When I would get hungry on this plan, it wasn't a craving or starvation feel.  It was a simple belly growl reminding me to eat.  But there were no cravings for sweet sugary things like I am used to.  Great right?!  So where did I go wrong?  The free day.  You get a free day and I learned that once my body got sugars, and simple carbs, it was very hard to get back on track.  It take a few days of eating their way to get rid of the cravings again.

This is one of the most important things I have learned in this journey.  When they are out of my system I don't crave them!  Even if they are right in front of me!!  Now THAT is nothing short of AMAZING!  So, I am not calorie counting, and although I am not following this diet per say, I am taking what I learned and using it in my every day life.  Feeling in control of my eating is huge for me.  I am cutting out most simple carb sugars, eating complex carbs, and exercising. 

It feels great!  It feels great not to be on any specific plan and yet still be eating well.  This might be a first, and hopefully a way of life. It feels great to be in control of my appetite and cravings. 


Tammy said...

Congratulations, controlling sugar cravings can be a huge battle. It's a battle that I am losing, but continue to fight. Your experience inspires me to keep fighting. I believe if I could find a way to reduce or eliminate most of the sugar I consume that I would no longer desire it so much. It sounds like you have a working plan. No counting calories, all the better. Best wishes for a great 2013!

Debsdailylife said...

Body for Life is so awesome!! It deals with physical and mental!! I loved that program!!!
Great plan!

Kelly said...

Ooh - sugar is evil! Must be why we all love it so much!

Body Building said...

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