Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fat Girl Down –Day 2 (Tricia)

Lets get down to it. I woke up this morning with a pounding headache but I took some Tylenol and began my day. Not really an eventful day because I planned on the first three days to be very difficult. I mainly stayed on the computer and didn’t really do much. I did feel really tired in the early afternoon and I decided to take a little nap. Well, that turned into a two hour event and I woke up without the throbbing in my head. YAY! I did still feel a little fuzzy but I talked to my Medifast coach and she was very supportive and assured me that it was completely normal. I decided to take a shower and try to be a little productive. I have been feeling really cold all day so I turned the hot water all the way up and sung away…however my fuzziness caught up with me, and I think the hot water must have lowered my BP because I got really dizzy and decided to get my behind out of the shower. Now, this is a little glimpse into Tricia’s head because this is honestly what I thought of when it happened: I could see myself falling and hitting my head…staying in the tub helpless until Nate came home from work and found me. Then, he would have to call the ambulance, and I could almost hear the dispatcher saying to the Medics “FAT GIRL DOWN, bring the big stretcher.” And, as they were wheeling me out of my house, naked…in the distance you hear me quietly say…”But I am on Medifast”…That little gem kinda made me giggle to myself so I just wanted to share it with you for your reading pleasure.
But, lets really talk about today. Day two. I was definitely a lot less hungry today (although I do smell some tasty pork chops in the oven now and my tummy is a talkin’). This is what I have had so far today:
Chocolate shake (added a tsp of instant coffee to get my morning fix) - Pretty good!
Honey Mustard pretzels ( I tried to get my foods worth and suck off the honey mustard dust off of the pretzels before I ate them, but then I was left with cardboard sticks) Not bad.
Beef and vegetable stew.( I tried to make it a little more hearty by adding my 3 stalks of celery allowed for my snack to it) NOT GOOD at all!
Chocolate Mint crunch bar- Super good!
And, for my dinner I will be having a seasoned pork chop (coated with the allowed drizzle of olive oil and my favorite lady Mrs. D), some summer squash and broccoli. Groowwwlll.
For desert, I believe that I will be attempting the pudding again as it didn’t really work out for me last time. I put way too much water in it so instead of chilling it, I froze it. Which actually came out good and tasted like a WW fudge a glass.
I would say that overall it was a better day than yesterday and I found it a little easier too, aside from the headache that just snuck up on me again. I even think I may order some more food to get a better variety as I have now sampled everything that was sent except the Peach oatmeal I will be having for my mid-morning meal tomorrow. And, as my cousin Jennifer stated to me today, variety will be key. I am ready for tomorrow. Bring it on!

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