Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 3- 8 muffins!!! (Jennifer)

So today is day 3! I only bought 2 weeks worth of food which is ten boxes of "stuff". So I am now at the point where I have tasted everything that I bought. Yesterday the hunger hit me...all day. I was so hungry I had a headache. So I popped some Aleve and went on with my day. I felt just like Trish did with her "eating her right arm" feeling. We talked several times throughout the day and joked about that. It is so great to have her to lean on and experience this with. I ate the chicken soup for lunch yesterday. A little bland but it actually was like chicken soup! Although I am not sure there was chicken in there.... I am still in the process of figuring out what to do to add some flavor. I am really enjoying the bars though. The lemon and mint are excellent and I would eat them even if I wasnt doing medifast. The fruit and nut is also good but more vitaminy. It is like such a treat when you taste a nut or fruit! So for dinner I was craving a burger even though I had one the night before. When it was gone I definately wanted more but was happy with what I ate. For snack I had the chocolate shake with some sugar free caramel syrup which is also allowed. Very good but the shakes have to be really cold to enjoy in my opinion. I was ticked because I had gone to Walmart earlier and forgot the ice...paid for it and forgot it. Like Walmart doesnt get enough of my money! But after the shake I was totally satisfied. I seem to say that after every time I have one.
I woke up this morning and wasn't really hungry. Whoopie! I had my vanilla shake (which is my favorite) with a tiny bit of caramel. It was like hitting the lottery...yummmmmmmm Like Trish said...this diet really makes you appreciative of what you do eat! I had a bar for snack and then for lunch.............. I took my bluberry oatmeal and turned it into muffins per the recipe on the box. Just the idea of muffins was exciting! Whoops...I used baking soda instead of baking powder so there was no fluff to them but the packet of oatmeal made 8 mini muffins!!! I was so excited to eat 8 of anything (says the fat girl)! For dinner I had a salad with 2 tbsp of dressing and some chicken in it. I hadnt realized I was that hungry until I looked up while I was eating to see my husband staring at me. It was at that point that I realized I must REALLY be enjoying my dinner because I completely saw the "wow" look in his eyes. I have seen that look once before when the dr put me on steroids and I was eating my dinner plus theirs :( 3 is done and no headache today!
Trish...your post was so funny I cant wait to log on daily and see what you have written(even though we talk like 10 times a day!). You really do have a way with words like Karen said. You should consider writing?????????????


Tricia said...

Jennifer- you are the one that is behind me the most feeding me positive support and thoughts. I am so glad I am going through this with someone, and the fact that its you makes it that much easier. I only hope that I can return the favor to you!

Tricia said...

OH, and you are doing terrific and crack me up every time we chat. Its the only way I think I could get through this.