Friday, February 26, 2010

Medifast Day 2 (Jennifer) ~ What was I expecting?

Well, it is day 2 and I keep asking myself, "what was I expecting?" I must have thought the food was going to be awful and that I would be starving. I guess I really did prepare myself for the worst! Since my last post yesterday I have tried the lemon crunch bar, the vanilla pudding, chili and the orange creme shake. I am a big fan of the bars but admit every time I have taken it out of the package that I wish it were bigger! But hey...thats probably how I got fat to begin with! Some of the bars taste a little vitamin-y but after the first bite it isnt even noticable to me. And I actually dont mind because I know they are full of vitamins! The vanilla pudding was a very good treat last night before bed. I prepared it in a bowl and put it in the fridge for a bit. I added a little more water than called for(as I also do with the shakes) to make it a bit thinner. That is how I like it and it is more filling that way as well. The chili looked and smelled great, and I also added some water to that because it seemed so thick. The taste was very bland though. I did try to add some chili powder but I dont think that helped much. Nonetheless...I ate it all :) I am going to see what i can do to make it taste better. A little trial and error :) A big thing with the chili is let it soak in the water a while so the beans arent crunchy. The texture of the chili really looked no different than my homemade chili! This morning I had an orange creme shake with about 10 oz of water(it calls for less) and it was very good. I again used the Magic Bullet and feel very strongly that anyone doing this program should invest in one (Tricia...hehe). I have heard that the shakes can be lumpy and I havent had that issue with the bullet. Anyway, after breakfast I turned to my husband and said "this is doable for me!". By that I mean the program. I expected to be starving and at times I do get hungry...but not starving yet. For my first lean and green meal last night I pattied up a hamburger about 5 oz and cooked it with some hot sauce and then had about a cup and a half of broccoli and cauliflower. I put a little Mrs. Dash on my burger when I was cooking it and used some mustard as well since that is "allowed" too. And the odd part is that when I put all this on a plate it looked and tasted like the best food I had ever eaten! I think I drank about 100 oz of water yesterday at least but that is normal for me. so the 64 oz per day requirement is no issue for me. But there was a huge difference in how many times I had to pee. I think I was in there every 20 minutes yesterday! I told my health coach when she called me last night and she said that is great because my body is doing what it is supposed to in order to get me into the fat burning stage.
I am finding, however, that I am wanting to order more food very soon so that I can have more options when I open the cabinet door. I think that will be key for me. I like to have options :) Today for lunch I am going to try the chicken soup. I have had a few little headaches here and there but they said I probably would for the first few days while my body adjusts. It's day 2 and I am still excited!!!!


Ron said...

So Candid, So Raw, So You! The Orange Creme shake sounds good:-)P

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

you and tricia are so inspirational! and what a great time to start doing this - short and tank top season is coming very quickly. keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Katie!I am so happy that Trish and I are doing this together. It isnt easy but knowing we have each other makes a difference. Thanks for your support. I would love to stop in next time I am in Albany and see you guys. Hope all is well!?!