Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blah - Day 3 (Tricia)

Today I am in a blah mood. It was quite the lazy Sunday and this evening I am not in a very positive or negative mood. Just blah. I am happy that I made it through day three and I can say that I was not nearly as hungry as yesterday. I am still sticking to the diet and the food is tasting a little more natural to me. I have decided to stick more with the shakes, pudding, oatmeal, bars, and brownies then the actual food and I plan to make my next order next week.
Nate was a great husband and went to Target to get me the magic bullet as I could not stand another night of lumpy pudding. I am pretty excited to try that tonight. I found a recipe on line for “Wendy’s like ice-cream” by putting in a little FF cream cheese in the mix, which is allowed. Also, I put in a little sugar free hazelnut syrup recommended by Jennifer…mmm…
On the upside today, Nate’s father came for a visit and asked me if I had lost some weight. Could it be true? Am I actually losing weight? Only four more days until weigh-in and I can hardly wait!

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