Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 4 ~ Not too hungry (Jennifer)

Well I am so happy to report that today was a pretty easy day for me! Like Trish said it seemed pretty natural to me today. I totally look forward to the shakes and I never thought I would be a shake lover. But they are sooooo good. We had company last night and I knew we would probably want to snack. So I asked them if they wanted to have a Milkshake Party(terminology compliments of my three year old). So out came the ice cream, milk, flavoring and the 4 cups that come with the bullet(did I mention that I love my Magic bullet?). I made them each a shake and wasnt even jealous that I wasnt having ice cream. I then made my orange creme shake with ice and water and it was thick and very satisfying.
Nana was brave enough to take the girls this weekend I was able to sleep in this morning. I had forgotten there even was such a thing! Anyway, I got up around 9:00 and by then I am usually about to have my mid morning snack. But I had my first meal and then ate every 2 hours after so I could fit my 6 meals in. And I was not hungry today at all. Dont get me wrong...I was still drooling with excitement as I unwrapped the mint bar since that is my favorite. And its a good thing I wasnt hungry... After talking to Trish about her pork chops she had last night I thought I would give it a whirl. Well...they came out awful. I dont eat pork too much and now I remember why. I dont really like it! It was tough and I would much prefer the taste of chicken or a yummy burger( I should have taken stock in McDonalds and Burger King before I started this...). Lesson learned... And to make things worse, I also decided I would have some asparagus. I also now remember that I dont like that either :( It has such a funky taste to me regardless of the spray butter and Mrs Dash. Again...dont misunderstand...I still ate all 5 ounces of pork and my asparagus and although my stomach was satisfied the taste buds were having a tantrum in there. But thats okay...tomorrow is another day and I am still excited!
Teresa- Welcome! I am so glad you are posting on here. Support is just what we all need! WW is a great program and I know you can do it. It has so much more freedom but apparently I cannot handle the freedom. I realized almost immediately after starting Medifast that when I was following WW I was snacking and not counting points...all the time! I was finishing the foods the kids left behind, the crust off the bread, tasting the soup to check the temp and flavor...the list goes on and on. I hadnt realized that I was eating that much extra and "it doesnt count" because its "just a bite". So pay close attention to those things that "dont count".
Trish- hope you are enjoying your bullet and thanks for the 127 "chats" we had this weekend. I love you and I am so proud of you!!! Your new found motivation inspires me daily. When we talk I hear this confidence in your voice that I dont think I have ever heard. Make sure you take the time to stop and realize this for yourself!
Until tomorrow...

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Sue said...

Wow, what a inspirational posting today, I'm so proud to you and your commitment for better health and living. Keep it up!