Friday, December 17, 2010

The dreadmill (Jennifer)

Last night I got on the treadmill for a run.  I joined Jess's challenge to run 26 miles in the month of December.  As of the 15th I hadnt run even one mile yet because of how I was feeling.  So I was asking myself if its a possibility to run 26 miles in 16 days.  And I decided that all I can do is try.  I sure like a challenge.  My glands were a little less swollen yesterday so I hopped on the dreadmill and went at a leisurely pace, although even that seemed a little tougher than usual.  I ran 4 miles to make my total of 6 miles this month so far. 

My run last night was not as enjoyable as some I have had on the treadmill.  There was no runners high making me want to keep running.  Instead, there was a lot of watching the laps blinking (I covered up the time but still knew how far I was running by watching the laps-such a cheater I am) and waiting for it to end.  There are no changes in scenery or distractions like there are on an outdoor run.  But at the same time I am so very thankful to have one in my home(even though I almost sold it a dozen times in my big girl days). When all was said and done the treadmill said I burned over 600 calories for my 4 miles.  I am not sure how accurate that is though.  I have asked Santa for a new calorie monitoring watch  :)

Another run is in the plans for tonight.  I am hoping I am feeling this one a little more.  Its so hard after a tough run to convince myself to go at it again.   But then I tell myself its only 30 -45 minutes and there is no excuse!  I came across an article about losing weight and running.  The article was saying how when we run our bodies can get used to it after a while and refuse to drop any further weight, or even gain weight...even with a proper diet. Doesnt that seem so unfair???The guy recommended that if this happens (or to avoid it) that a person should change one or all of these things up....change intensity of run, speed, and/or distance.   I am thinking i will do a quick mile on there tonight.  Short and intense.


Kimberlynn said...

Jennifer...I am with you girl. I could have written this post myself. I set a crazy goal this week to walk 24 miles...4 miles six days in a row. And of all the weeks to set a goal like this. We've had a snow storm and an ice storm. So guess what? I've been on my dreadmill all week! Why am I telling you this? Because I've done it!!! And so can you!!! Get on that "dreadmill" and do it!!! I hope you feel better soon.

I Said So... said...

You can do it!!!

Hope you continue to feel better.

PS...I finally got some of those protein bars you like...yum

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My poor treadmill is getting dusty again. I so need to get on it. You're doing great though, stick with it!