Saturday, December 18, 2010

Getting there (Jennifer)

I have been doing pretty well in my eating since getting back on track.  But, tonight we had dinner with the inlaws and while the day was going well and I ordered a salad for dinner, I then started picking at my daughters food...then some other left overs.  Then, my mother in law had fudge in the car and it was all over from there.  Those of you who read regularly know this is a roadblock for me!

But it was not a complete failure.  In the past if I overate I also gave up on exercise.  Always.  I am an all or nothing kind of girl usually.  Thats why when I was on steroids and eating everything in sight, I also did not exercise. And not feeling well didnt help.  I figured...what's the point?  I am too far gone today so I will start tomorrow.  I said that day after day after day until it was two weeks later.

Today, after overeating and feeling bad about it, I told myself right away that I was going to hit the treadmill tonight.  Some exercise is better than no exercise.  This very statement is a huge accomplishment for me to even be able to think!!!!   So, I went home and even though the hubs was too tired to exercise, he came down with me and napped while I did.  I could have easily skipped but I actually *wanted* to do it.   Like I had something to prove to myself or something.

Last night I planned on one fast paced mile(fast pace for me is 6mph).  I ended up doing two miles alternating between 6mph and 7mph.  I pushed myself and did 2 miles in 19:19.  Then I walked for  a quarter of a mile and ran another mile at 5mph for 3 total running miles yesterday.  Tonight, I was unsure what I was going to do.  I got on and started at 6mph.  I ended up doing 2 miles at 6mph (20:20), walked for a quarter mile again, and then did another 2 miles at 5mph.  Four miles tonight.  I never walk in the middle of my runs but I figured since I was running a faster pace than usual I would give myself that little recoup time in the middle.  

So, since Wednesday when I got my act back together and decided to try to meet this 26 mile challenge by the end of the month ( I had not run at all this month before then) I have completed 13 miles.  Wow.  Thats half way to my 26 mile goal.  Tomorrow I will most likely take a rest day but will try to focus on my eating.



Kimberlynn said...

I think you have proven something to're not that "all of nothing" girl you used to be!!! Way to go Jennifer!!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

You're so great about that running! You have such a wonderful positive attitude about it. Nice job!

Christine said...

Amazing progress on the running amount!!!!

I love that you are kicking that all or nothing mentality in the step at a time!!!!
I am trying to work on it to.

Raegun said...

What a great comeback! And yes, 6-7mph is fast. I'm such a turtle, LOL. Way to go!

*Whitney* said...

Woah! You really rocked it on the treadmill! Good for you for getting your butt on the treadmill and just doing it! Awesome!

Jess said...

Hi Jennifer!!! Thanks for following my blog! I am now following yours and I love it!! You and I sound very much alike when it comes to being an "all or nothing person"! I am so proud of you for just getting on the treadmill even though you may not have had the easiest time at dinner!! WAY TO GO! I wish I had a treadmill. We have an elliptical machine and its just NOT the same!

Lesia said...

Merry Christmas Jen. smile

jack said...

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