Thursday, December 9, 2010

A few appointments (Jennifer)

The other day I had my appt with the ENT.  I saw the nurse practitioner who after hearing my symptoms went and brought the dr in.  They did a scope of both my nose and throat right then and there.  The good news is that everything *looks* good in there.  He said it is possible that my symptoms are being caused by allergies causing fluid to drain into my chest.  But he didnt think so.  He said another option is that it could be from my severe TMJ.  I have had TMJ since I had my wisdom teeth out as a teenager.  He said that can cause intense inflammation and radiate into the neck.  I still feel like I have this swollen feeling in my neck and chest...all on the left side.  So, I am having allergy testing done next week and he wants me to see a physical therapist for the jaw which is said is a quick fix???  Hmmm... I can only imagine.  Anyway, he said if things arent better in 4 weeks he would like to do a CT scan of my face and neck.

Today was my appt with the new primary care practice.  I had decided I had enough of the very large(an ineffecient) practice where I was going.  This new practice has 1 dr and 1 PA.  I felt welcomed there.  I met with the PA who had excellent bedside manner and actually took the time to hear me out.  She said it is great that the xray I had is negative but that she disagreed that I had been put on 3 consecutive rounds of antibiotics.  She listened to my chest and said I have rough(I think this is what she said??) on the left but there is no pneumonia sound.  And apparently thats okay?  I am not sure how it works since I am not a dr.  But if it sounds different doesnt that mean something isnt right? She did take some blood work, which I dread because it just means I have to wait for more results and stress over it!  I am totally like that.  I wish I werent!  Amongst the bloodwork is a thyroid test.  qAnd, I got a flu shot today too. 

I would love it if all of this were *just* allergies.  Odd that just the left side is swollen and its all the way from my ear to my chest...hmmmm....  I am trying to be patient. 

Thats about it for now.  I am off the steroids today so that is a plus!



Anonymous said...

Being off the steroids must feel great! Hoepfully everything is cleared up fast for you hun!

dawne said...

Seriously, what a rough time for you Jennifer. I hope you are coping alright and not letting it get you down. Thinking of you, my

Jessica said...

I know it is a relief being off the steroids! Feel better soon!

Jane said...

When I read this post, I thought of my daughter who has had pneumonia and some type of respiratory virus for about 1 1/2 months. She has had the steroids, antibiotics, inhalers, etc.--the works. She's still not feeling that well.

I'm sorry for what you're going through right now. I have also had something similar for over a month and was told by the Dr. that whatever is making the rounds this year is tough stuff and hangs on a long time. I hope you will be better very soon.

Sarah said...

Way to go on advocating for yourself and taking care of yourself. You are on the way to health again!

Shelley said...

I'm sorry your are still not well, but I am so glad to hear that a new group of medical professionals are looking after you and hopefully they can get to the bottom of this!

Jen said...

I totally stress out about bloodwork too, I hope everything is ok!!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you! *Hugs*