Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 5 of Medifast (Jennifer)

Today is day 5 of getting back on Medifast.  Yesterday I had some extra protein to combat the hunger.  I actually feel guilty about it though so I am going to try to be on plan 100% today.  My plan is to have cauliflower pizza for dinner (yuuuum).  I was able to sleep in this morning for a change, thanks to my hubs, so that means I didnt have my first MF meal until later than usual.  That should help out with the hunger too.  I knew the first few days would be hardest and I made it through them so I am not going ot beat myself up over extra calories and protein.  Its not like I caved and had ice cream milk shakes with my kids and hubby last night.  Although it was at that time that I started second guessing my choice to go back on Medifast.  I wanted to snack.  And the only reason I didnt is because my husband ordered food for me last week and I cannot waste it.  We are not in a financial position to waste that kind of money.   The food I currently have was given to me so cheating wouldnt have been so bad.  But when we actually spend big money on it, it somehow becomes more a committment.  And I am thankful for that!

Several months ago I blogged about how I had a fatty liver and my dr was concerned about it.  Some of my liver functions were off and the ultrasound showed the fat on the liver.  He told me to get the weight off before it was too late.  He said it could be reveresed  and the fat globules could be reabsorbed if I acted now.  If not it could lead to end stage liver disease.  Scary.  That was more than three years ago.  A few months ago, after seeing my dr for a followup (after losing 65 lbs) he ordered another ultrasound of my liver and some bloodwork.  He told me to call him the next day for the results.  I did, but the cranky lady who answered the phone said that if there was a problem he would have called me.  I had my followup appt last week(he was not thrilled that the woman had not put the message through that I wanted my results).  I was so excited to learn that the ultrasound showed NO fatty liver and my liver functions were totally normal!   How exciting!!!  Its one of those weight loss benefits that you cant see from just looking at someone.  I left there so proud of my weight loss and that I was able to undo some of the damage I had done to my body by eating bad.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*I have lost some of that boney look in my neck and chest area.  I look forward to seeing that again!

Today I am thankful for:
*My husbands support in me wanting to do Medifast again.  It really isnt in our budget but he made it happen for me.  He might not be much of a romantic type but its these things that let me know that he loves me. 


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Yay!! Now everyone will really have to stop calling you "Hey, Fat Liver!" No more of that girl!! lol

What a totally cool husband to support you on this. Awesome. You can do this Jen, I KNOW it!! I hope you enjoy your cauliflower pizza, one of my favs!! I think I will make my hubs cauliflower breadsticks when he comes this weekend. That's his favorite!


Jen said...

Wow. Fatty liver sounds scary, was that diagnosed with a blood test or just an ultrasound?
Good luck with Medifast!!


Jessica said...

Mmmm...that pizza sounds good!!! :) Congrats on your progress with the liver! That is great!

Jennifer said...

Jen- it was the actual ultrasound that showed the fat on my liver. But sometimes blood tests can tell if your liver isnt functioning properly because of it. The dr said a fatty liver used to be considered not a big deal but new research shows that it can be harmful. It scared me enough to get the weight off!

The Fat Mom said...

I was diagnosed with a fatty liver about 10 years ago. Instead of taking care of it, I've continued to make it worse. Good for you for taking care of business!

Sandy "Sugarspice76" said...

You have an awesome husband for supporting you on Medifast. It is hard the first couple of days and even a few days after that but you will get through it. Just stick with it! You are right about not beating yourself up over a few extra calories or some extra protein. I have been having an extra crunch bar to satisfy my late night sweet cravings. Just do the best you can :) On to day six!!!

medifast promotions said...

I've been waiting for it. I'm thinking this will be a good start to a "new" cookbook collection that fits my new Medifast eating patterns. My husband already lost weight, but wants to share my L&G to keep it off. I love to try new recipes and can see how you could get carried away with tweeking these.

Suzie said...

I am on Medifast for a month now. I might have fatty liver disease. I'd love to talk to you more. Could I email you? Thanks!