Monday, April 25, 2011

A sneak peak (Jennifer)

After a struggle with the holiday this weekend and being on Medifast I couldnt resist a sneak peak on the scale this morning.  Even though my weigh day is on Fridays, I wanted to know how I handled the weekend visiting my family(in the scales eyes).  There were so many temptations and like I posted yesterday, I think I handled it pretty well despite not following the MF plan 100%.  I aimed to keep my carbs in check.  And apparently I did good because the scale said I was down another 1.5 lbs since Friday  :)   I definately needed to see that on the scale this morning! 

Last night while everyone was feasting on ice cream cake, cookies and Italian pastries from the bakery, I made myself a cinnamon roll using the MF pancakes and some cream cheese.  This is from Sandys website and I am so grateful to her!  It made dessert time totally doable for me.  I did, however, feel a little deprived because there were so many things in the the past few days that I would have eaten in the past.  Its one thing to pass something up but to pass just about EVERYTHING up while everyone else is indulging  kind of took a toll on me.  How did I fight back?  I took some of the leftover pastries and cookies and put them in a freezer bag and stuck them in the freezer....for a later date when I am not doing MF and can enjoy moderation of course.  Just doing this made me feel better.  My family was laughing so hard as the freezer bag got bigger and bigger.  It was pretty funny I admit.  But I dont think there has ever been a canoli passed up by this girl...hehe.  I know it probably looked like I was planning a future binge, but I feel like I have it under control to eat such yummy things in moderation.  During dessert my grandmother made sure she told me what self control and determination I have.  It felt good.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*to look in the mirror and feel proud of myself.  And I must say that I think I am realistic in this thought.  I know I will never have the body to wear a bikini or a size 4.  But seeing progress again is what I am looking to achieve.  It would be nice to lose some of the nastiness off the back of my thighs .  Thats a perfect example of progress.  I hope that day comes!

Today I am thankful for:
*My cousins thought of me when planning their next running event.  They want to do a half marathon this summer.  I know right now while on MF I cannot possibly train for a marathon of any sort but I thought it was so great that they think of me as a runner! And I will get back into running after my MF days.  I dont know it there will be enough time at that point to train for a half marathon. 


Bringing Pretty Back said...

Jennifer, I am so proud of you I can not stand it!!!!
Whoo hoo!
Have a pretty day!

Jessica said...

You are doing so great! You should be so proud of yourself!