Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Excitement (Jennifer)

Excitement is something I have been needing lately.  We havent taken a vacation in a while, or my weight loss kind of came to a standstill, I havent done much fun shopping, etc.   So when my friend Karen told me about Sandy's blog and I checked it out...I got excited.  There are so many recipes on there.  Some are MF recipes and some are regular recipes. When I saw the MF recipes I got so excited to try them.  And I am having a ball experimenting with it!  There are recipes on her blog to make using the actual MF meals and also recipes for Lean and Greens.  So today I made the cauliflower pizza.  I was going to have it last night but didnt get home in time to make it.  I have made this before and it is a favorite of mine, whether on Medifast or not.  But Sandy's recipe varies slightly because you flip the *crust* and cook it longer and it actually becomes crust!!!  That was the one and only thing that I could possibly critique was the flimsy crust...but no more!  Here is a pic or what I will be having for dinner:

Fresh out of the oven.  She suggests using parchment paper for lots of her meals so I bought some and gave it a whirl.  It made cleanup a breeze! I added some garlic and basil and yumm.... I inhaled ate 1/4 of the pizza before it made it to the fridge.  I wanted to test to see if the crust really was crunchy.  It was!!!!

Another amazing recipe I made from Sandys site was using the MF pancakes.  I turned it into a muffin and added cream cheese on the top.  It was sooooo delish and a new favorite of mine for sure.  I am definately going to have to buy more pankcakes now that I have made this recipe.   I am so thankful to have found her blog because it allows you to learn to make regular MF foods into some really delicious stuff!  Who knew?  I only wish I had this knowledge when I did the plan the first time around, even though I did great without!

Right now, I have some zucchini and yellow squash slices in the oven.  I am baking them for about 4 hours at 200* and apparently that will make them crispy like chips.  I added a little salt and garlic/basil powder.  This, just like the cauliflower pizza, is something that I will eat when I am no longer on MF.  Why not make healthy alternatives right?  The recipe for this is also on her website. 

Although right now most of my blogging is Medifast based, it wont continue to be like that.  I am just using it right now to get back into my daily blogging.  Because, honestly I dont feel I have had much to say lately. It feels good to get back into blogging.  I dont get nearly the comments I used to get but thats okay.  I know that as the weight loss starts again I will have so many more things to say.

Today's reason for losing weight:
*I would like to wear a size 10 pants.  Right now I am about 170 and I am in a 14, sometimes a 12.  Although part of me wants to aim for a smaller size, I think for my build a 10 will be fine.  If I get lower though...even better.

Today I am thankful for:
*actually being excited about doing Medifast.  I really wasnt thrilled about it until I found Sandys website.  It opened up so many more options for how to prepare foods.  That makes a world of difference on this plan(in my opinion anyway).


Kimberlynn said...

I'm so happy for you Jennifer. I say...hold onto that feeling. We need more of it in this journey.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I felt the same way when I discovered Sandy's blog. Gold mine!! We LOVE the zucchini chips... and literally inhale them. So yummy! I love the cauliflower pizza with the crispy crust. Have you tried the cauliflower cheesy breadsticks? Those are Brent's favorite! I am making it for him when he comes home this weekend.

Okay, now I am getting hungry!! lol
Take care,

Syl said...

sounds like a great site, thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

Love the idea of making chips, I'm going to have to try that!!


Desert Singer said...

I just caught up with you the other day, and didn't leave a comment, but wanted to say *Yay* for finding enthusiasm and excitement... I was thinking/saying that to my MF Counselor about now really needing to get creative with the MF foods (making muffins, toasting pancakes, etc...).

The Cauliflower crust looks awesome!!
Happy for You ♥