Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Munchie Day (Tricia)

Today at work we had a junk food munchie day. Yeah, Like all of us who are stuck in our chairs all day need to eat more junk. Well, today's munchie day was a little different. A few weeks ago I was promoted so I had a desk change. I now sit smack dab in the middle of the department. And what is set up in the middle of the department? The food tables. I was grateful that I could pretty much turn my back to the food for most of the day, but when ever I had to get up..BAM..hello munchkins...cookies....cupcakes...chips...ugh...Well, I tried to plan ahead for it and packed more fruit to eat than normal. And I pretty much stayed away from the junk, except for one small piece of cookie pie that was delicious. So over all, I was pretty proud of myself. But oddly, I found myself to be more hungry today and ate all the extra food I packed. Interesting...Is there something in our brains that knows the extra food is there and it runs to tattle to our stomachs? How dare you betray me, brain! :-)


Jennifer said...

When on medifast I knew better than to pick at stuff. I never did. I knew one bite would throw me out of fat burn. And i wasnt about to waste my money on cheating just to wait 4 days to get back into fat burn. however, now that i am off medifast i find myself wanting to pick at this and that and the old mentality comes back back "just a bite. it wont count". but now i catch myself. i either dont eat it or i do and then count it. goo job being strong!!!! being off medifast provides so many more options and i that is something i struggle with!!!!

Lesia said...


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Oh.. the cruelty!! My hubby has donuts, cookies, baked goods, chips, and all kinds of junk food around him ALL day at work! I don't know how he survives it, I don't think I would. But for his birthday, his wonderful co-workers had a delicious veggie tray for him and didn't tempt him with a cake... how nice is that?

Good planning on your part to have other food accessible to you!! Way to go girl!! You don't need that other yucky stuff. :)