Monday, July 12, 2010

My birthday (Jennifer)

I went home to see my family and friends this weekend.  It was really nice for the most part.  I miss them but really do love the area where we live.  I met my parents new MAMMOTH monstrosity of a dog.  I LOVE big dogs.  Seriously though, he is huge.  He is so long and tall and I cant even explain it....  His paws are HUGE.  He is a hound/ St Bernard mix they rescued.  A giant.

Anyway, I went to dinner on Friday night with my friends for my birthday.  I did have a few cheese fries because I didnt want to feel deprived.  That is where I have gone wrong in the past and this is something I recognize.  They were soooooo good even though there was a little guilt.  And since it was my birthday dinner my friend made them sing to me. Embarassing?  Yup.  And out comes the ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate.  There is something about the whipped cream at Outback Steakhouse that is just fabulous.  I really enjoyed it.  I had a salad for dinner so it wasnt so bad I guess.  Then we went to a birthday party on Saturday.  There were so many foods to pick at.  Luckily someone brought a veggie platter and I was thrilled.  I ate a normal dinner(cheeseburger and a tiny bit of macaroni salad and a few deviled eggs.....yummmm.  But those veggies were my saving grace.  I realized that it is so easy to sit around talking to people and stuff your face with whatever.  So I picked up the celery and carrots and went to town.  Snacking was more of something to do than it was to feed any hunger.  A great realization for me.

Then today we went to see my brothers new house.  He and his wife just bought it and I wanted to do my "oohs and ahhhs" that they deserve.   We had a nice breakfast and then my youngest daughter got stung by a bee.  She didnt cry so i wasnt even sure it happened!  She said "oh no!  the bug got me!!!"  I have been concerned about this day as my husband is allergic to bees and our girls could be too.  So inside I brought her to watch her carefully.  Sure enough she had gotten stung and started getting big white bumps on different parts of her body-an allergic reaction.  After a call to the dr and a trip to the store for Benadryl we will need to carry an EpiPen now and see an allergist.  They say the reactions get worse with every sting.  This poor kid has been through so much.  Geez. 

Monday is my birthday.  My family is out to visit and I am so excited.  I will be careful with my eating and try to keep as active as possible.  I hope for a great week!  So far so good since I won the contest at Jens Losin It(a fellow blogger who has an awesome blog)!!!  Gnu Fiber Bars!  And those of you who know me know just how exciting this win is for me.  I sure LOVE my fiber bars  :)   Thanks Jen!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Dinner at Outback.... sounds SOOO good!! Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! WOO HOO!! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Yes, veggie platters are a blessing aren't they? ;)
Sorry about your daughter and the bee sting... at least now ya know!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! Good job on sticking with the veggie platter. Expecially if there were so many other more "fun" things to eat. It's all about control and you have it. Have fun with your family out visiting! We NEED to do dinner's been too long! I miss it!

dawne said...

Lucky on the win!!! I've never won hoo! Hope tha tyour birthday is fantastic. Keep care your little girl. That's no fun!

Tricia said...

Um, I am pretty sure that your Birthday dinner ROCKED! And, for the record, I had nothing to do with the singing :-)
I hope you enjoyed your birthday and your picture...which I did NOT see mentioned...