Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Holiday Weekend (Teresa)

The holiday weekend started Friday for me.....My husband and I went out to our favorite restaurant for our 6th wedding anniversary. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. We don't get out much, especially just the two of us so I figured I would live it up. I did not go crazy. I brought a lot of food home but pretty much anything other than a shake is wild on wonderslim! On Saturday we went to a picnic and then out to dinner. It is hard to do wonderslim on the run because shakes and bars are NOT interchangeable. Then on Sunday and Monday I was careful but not "on plan". All in all I still feel good about myself. I got a few new shirts this weekend and they are a bit different than what I would normally buy. Today I am back to the grind. It's the first day of summer school. I am doing the principal thing for the summer so it will be a nice change of pace (I used to be a principal but I went back to my classroom to do the mom thing).

So no official weigh in today. I enjoyed my weekend and I do not want to obsess over what the scale says. I weighed in last Thursday and I will weigh in again this week. I figured now is a good time to get in sync with Jen and Tricia!


Jennifer said...

yaay for you! And Happy anniversary! I hope you got my late night text wishing you one! I was laying there thinking about the date and what I have going on this month and I sat up in bed in a flash, jumped out, searched for my phone and made sure it was before midnight so I wasnt a crappy friend for missing it. I am glad you guys got out...and alone! I cant wait to visit the villa gain. Yuuum. Keep up the good work. Are thursdays your weigh days now?

Ron said...

The next time you and Steve are in town we need to go to the Villa. It's been ages since we've all been together. Free refills on soda so that's about $20 off the bill right there!