Monday, July 5, 2010

The weekend (Jennifer)

I am not overly thrilled with my weekend.  I felt a little out of control with my eating.  Maybe not out of control as much as confused?  It wasnt food I prepared most of the weekend so I had no idea how to track it properly.  Then we went to the wedding on Saturday (where a few people did comment on my weight loss) and I had some wine.  I am not normally a drinker.  It is not my cup of tea.  The wine glasses seemed so small so I figured they would be harmless.  Live and learn I guess.  I now remember WHY I dont drink...and there are several reasons!  I woke up all embarassed yesterday morning and although my husband says I was fine he then got a text message from his buddy asking how his wife is today.  Totally embarassed.  That is not who I am.  Although dancing was fun.  I dont usually dance either.

I am back on track with my eating today which is great but have not been to the gym in a week.  My little girl (the second to get this sickness) is still getting over her stomach virus.  She had severe reflux as a baby(amongst some other stuff)  and when she gets any illness like a cold or a stomach bug her gag reflex activates and turns the reflux back on.  She is two so we have gotten used to it ,but it doesnt mean it is any easier.  So hopefully that will calm itself and we can return to real life.  I think we have changed her sheets like 8 times in the last week.  All she has to do is cough and its all over from there :(

My hubs is home this morning but I didnt go to the gym.  It was quite a battle I had within myself whether I should go or not.  I am going to zumba tonight and I am hoping that by tomorrow we can make it to the gym.  It feels so much better to get back on track.  I was thinking about going for a run this morning but it is 94 and humid out there. 

I hope you all had a great weekend.


dawne said...

It's scary to feel out of control, isn't it? I question myself - Oh no! What if I'm going back to the old way? But, you recognized it, identified the feeling and controlled yourself. 1 glass of booze does me in to - embarrassing!!!!!!

I hope your family heals. I don't do well with throw up!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Amen to Dawne's post up there!

Jennifer... thanks SO much for your comment on my last post. You don't even know me personally yet you are so kind and supportive, I feel very touched and blessed. :)

I'm sorry to hear the yucky sickness hasn't let your home yet. I hope it does soon. At least we know that nothing stays the same and this all too shall pass. Hang in there!! You are an athlete now, and even athletes have their off times but you will be right back in there!! No turning back, it's all forward baby!!! And the view is great!!