Sunday, July 18, 2010

A wonderslim week! Teresa

Well after eating out two times last week and once the week before I decided that I would stay on plan all week. And the results, well let's just say they were worth it! I was down 4 pounds this week. 4 pounds without exercise. I have had this problem with my feet and I have not been able to exercise but I will get back into that routine soon! The weekend is when things get tough for me. Yesterday I brought my son to Pizza hut, I now know why I do not go these things was definitely not enjoyable. He is only 22 months so trying to occupy him and eat was tough, not to mention bringing him with me to the salad bar...ugh! Anyway I did eat some "off plan" food but I took Shea on a 40 minute walk when we got home. Then today I had a bit more carbs and fat than I would have liked but overall it has been a good day. This morning I tried on a pair of pants I bought back in Feb. because I really liked them but they were way too small. I bought them because I had just started to get serious about losing weight and I figured if I worked hard I would fit into them by summer. Well guess what....yup that's right...they fit! I am excited because they are only 1 size bigger than what I wore 4 years ago!!! This is huge for me! Especially when talking about jeans.....I always go a size up in jeans. I am 1.5 pounds from my next mini goal and 17 pounds away from my first major goal. I have not been this "small" since before I got pregnant for my son! I LOVE wonderslim!!!


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

That is so wonderful Teresa!! Great job! You are really making progress towards your goals, I bet it feels great! :)


Lesia said...

I bought a pair of really cute jeans from a thrift store that was too small on purpose. I waited too long to try them on because I didn't think I would fit into them yet. So when I finally decided to try them they were too bi.UGH! Kiddos to you getting to wear

Laura said...

Whoo hoo! 4 pounds! You're doing awesome! And what a great feeling that must've been; fitting into a smaller size!!!